Margarita Simonyan’s Letter to the Atlantic Council

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Margarita Simonyan

Dear Atlantic Council! This is the 4th year that we repeat to you and the whole world that Ukraine was flooded by Nazis. This is exactly the 4th year that you have accused us of this when you give examples of our fakes and propaganda. You and those like you write exactly like this: “RT is fake propaganda because they claim Nazis are encouraged in Ukraine”.

And then suddenly you issue an article. I will quote the title: “Ukraine’s Got a Real Problem with Far-Right Violence (And No, RT Didn’t Write This Headline)”.

Further, the Atlantic Council writes: Nazi groups receive financing from the State, they cooperate with municipal authorities and bodies of State security, they attack Jews, Romanis, environmentalists, and gays, and nothing happens to them.

And the government in Kiev, of course, with wide eyes swears that it isn’t like this at all.

Well, as is said – quod erat demonstrandum.

Maybe you will finally understand that you don’t trust us not because we lie but because you don’t know absolutely anything about the world around you; because you are badly educated; you read a little, but not what is needed to be read; you don’t go where you need to go; you communicate with the same handful of prejudiced and/or crazy people who only reinforce your haughty ignorance.

Perhaps if you weren’t so iron sure of your correctness and were even a little bit interested in reality, then you would learn that in Odessa Nazis burned dozens of people; that practically all people in Crimea indeed wanted to be with Russia, and that its forceful Ukrainisation was perceived  by them just like that – as forceful Ukrainisation; that the war in Donbass started not because Putin decided to cut off for himself one more piece of territory that is needed for reasons unknown, but because the new Ukrainian authorities you waxed lyrical about didn’t invent anything more elegant than to ban the Russian language – which half of the country communicates in – with the very first decree; that the attitude towards gays in Russia isn’t like it is in, say, New Hampshire, but exactly like it was in New Hampshire 20 years ago when I studied there – and at my school teachers were banned from speaking about this topic in general, and it is for sure better than your closest allies, who cut off the heads of unfortunate gays in city squares. Well, the list goes on…

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How beautiful the world will be when you regain consciousness from your smooth and stupid textbooks and manuals and tender people’s gatherings with our “democratic” public [fifth column – ed] and those close by, ready for your grant money to spin for you what you want to hear, watching kindergarten analytics on the TV channels headed by your former or future managers – and you will see the obvious.

With what pleasure I will then retire to grow lavender in my Adler kitchen garden.

And yes, this is the title of RT.

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