Maria Zakharova: Snipers of the “ATO” Shoot at Their Own Fellow Citizens Using American Grant Money

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Western countries refuse to issue visas to Crimeans, but concerning soldiers from the so-called “ATO” – yes. This was stated by the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at a briefing in Kerch. 

“ATO soldiers and acting snipers somehow receive American visas. How this happens is clear: these snipers operate using American grants. People who shoot at their fellow citizens do all of this on American money. And then in the UN they speak about the problems in the information space. This is cynicism of the highest level,” said Zakharova.

She reminded that recently “ATO” soldiers attended an event of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in the UN devoted to information policy.

“There the Ukrainian side surpassed itself. The invited persons started to intimidate the Russian representative, who deflected all anti-Russian calls and propaganda rhetoric. Veterans of the ‘ATO’ said inadmissible things, including threats of physical violence. All of this was on the sidelines of the organisation, which is urged to maintain peace and stability,” said Zakharova, having noted that the UN disowned the event, which was an amateur performance of Ukrainian diplomats.

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