Maria Zakharova: The Ukrainian Economy Is Occupied by American Top Managers

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Barack Obama’s administration was economically interested in Maidan’s victory in Ukraine in 2014. This was stated on the air of the “Russia-1” TV channel by the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

“Nobody wants to even guess who actually undermines Ukrainian sovereignty. Recently I talked to American journalists. For them it was a revelation that in Barack Obama’s administration people at the level of the Vice-President were involved in occupying the leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy,” said Zakharova

According to her, the journalists were sure that America’s motive in the Ukrainian direction is connected to the democratisation of this society.

“I showed them what sectors of the economy are completely occupied by American top managers who are direct relatives of members of the administration of Barack Obama. First of all – Biden, but there are many like him, and nobody in the West wants to speak about it, but we will remind them,” said Zakharova.

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