Mariupol and “White Helmets” Style Fakes

NEW – March 13, 2022​​

Fake: In Mariupol, doctors could not save an injured girl — the child died in intensive care. The footage has already been posted online.

An example comment posted on YouTube below this video: “It is impossible to move the wounded from one gurney to another. CPR for thoracic and abdominal wounds is extremely prohibited. In addition, doctors do CPR, which means that the heart has stopped. A defibrillator will not help much in this case, especially without a gel. And I don’t quite understand how they recognised ventricular fibrillation and why they did CPR in such a case, if it violates all protocols. Resuscitation should have been carried out in the ambulance, and not in the department. For some reason, the resuscitator, instead of “rescuing” a juvenile, remembered Putin. The girl did not show any injuries. All doctors are calm and affected. In a real situation, everything is completely different. But this is a circus”

Truth: A professionally edited video raises many questions.

Why the child was shifted from one wheelchair to another is not at all clear. Bedridden patients are transported at least to the emergency department on an ambulance gurney, this is the accepted standard.

The injured child should have been immediately intubated and put on the operating table, and not taken to the intensive care unit. The girl has a chest wound, but when she is transferred to a gurney at the beginning of the video, the blood is no longer visible on her jumper.

Resuscitation measures should have started in the ambulance. But when the girl is transferred, she has neither an infusion system (drip feed), nor bandages. And for some reason, no one at this moment does a heart massage with artificial ventilation, too.

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There are too many people in the room — 9 people, but according to instructions, except for the medical staff of the hospital, no one should be allowed in there. Especially the camera operator. The doctor’s behaviour is extremely strange: he should be busy saving the girl’s life, instead the medic bursts into curses against Russia. All of this was filmed from several angles, it feels like a person with a camera was specially expected.

The moment with the defibrillator is very unclear: the discharge itself has not been filmed, the conductive gel has not been applied. The mask of the Ambu bag should be tightly pressed against the patient’s face, only the tube in the mouth is visible in the frame. Simultaneous heart massage + Ambu bag + defibrillator violates all medical protocols.

Indirect heart massage is performed by doctors using the “infant technique” – with thumbs. At the age of the girl, it’s pointless.

Finally, the name and surname of the girl have not yet been published, which absolutely excludes the possibility of verifying the authenticity of the entire story on video.

We should add that the original video was shot by Associated Press, where Evgeny Maloletka, already known to us, who previously became famous for a fake related to the shelling of the Mariupol maternity hospital, works.

We also recall that a large number of such videos were produced by the White Helmets movement during the Syrian conflict. Most of the videos eventually turned out to be productions involving actors.

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