Mariupol – Banderists Execute Civilians

NEW – March 4, 2022

Dear journalists!

As you know, there is a war going on right now in the very centre of Europe. At the same time, the coverage of events in Ukraine in the European media is frankly one-sided. Practically nothing is known to the European public about the criminal actions of Ukrainian terrorists hiding behind nationalist slogans.

I would like to offer you fresh shocking material about the executions of civilians by the Nazis in the region of Mariupol (video 18+).

Left: Ukrainian Nazis shoot refugees trying to leave Mariupol (the Nazis are holding half a million people hostage).

The husband and wife tried to leave Mariupol, at the exit near the checkpoint with the radicals they noticed the shot bodies of people – whole families, they wanted to help, but they were also fired at from the checkpoint.

They tried to escape, as a result, the woman was killed, the driver was injured, and is now hiding with relatives in the Berdyansk area.

It’s just awful. This is the agony of radicals who hide behind peaceful people like a human shield and do not let anyone out of the city…

Right: video from Mariupol – eyewitness testimony: today, Ukrainian militants shot a civilian in Dmitrovka. The story of eyewitnesses.

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