Mariupol Can Become a Crack That Starts the Disintegration of the Kiev Regime

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A Deputy of the City Council of Ukrainian Mariupol stated that they are dissatisfied with the government’s work and made a number unheard-for-three-years-of-revolutionary-enthusiasm demands. The danger for Maidan’s regime is that Mariupol is a key city near the front line, and it’s not only the export of good that “dependent-to-the-end” Ukraine relies on it for. It becomes a crack with which the destruction of the anti-people regime can begin.

Mariupol’s people did what the regime of Petro Poroshenko will perceive as a stab in the Banderist back. They demanded the raising of minimum wages and pensions, the abolition of the growth of tariffs, and a return to socialism – government-regulation of food prices. In addition – and this is a clear allusion to federalization – the representatives of Mariupol demanded that Poroshenko respects the Minsk agreements.

As the Deputy Andrey Feday stated, the majority of citizens are thrown behind the poverty line: “it is time to move into action”. These actions pressurise the next decisions of the government, which proposes to raise the already unbearable heat tariffs by 22%, and explain the sharp increase by the rise in the price of gas.

While Kiev has not officially responded to a defying call of Mariupol, however, the citizens have no doubt that now not only their deputies will be accused of separatism and of playing up to Russia.

[Andrey Feday speaks from 0:06 to 4:11]

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