“Mariupol, Don’t Surrender!”: Anniversary of the City’s Liberation From the Nazis of the Third Reich

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Donetsk celebrated another anniversary of the liberation of Mariupol from fascist aggressors. Owing to historical circumstances and political intrigues, the city now found itself also under the control of followers of Hitler’s Reich in the face of the Ukrainian “authorities”. That’s why the celebrations devoted to the liberation took place in the capital of the DPR Donetsk. Future liberation was wished by the Donetsk residents and residents of Mariupol who are fighting in the ranks of the army of the Republic, living together with their families (who they managed to evacuate) in the capital.

“Seletskaya Olga Anatolyevna, a resident of Mariupol, I am currently a temporarily displaced person in the city of Donetsk. I took an active part in the liberation of Donbass, at the moment I am engaged in the military patriotic education of youth. On December 26th, 2014, I was exchanged under the ‘Minsk Agreements’, I was released from captivity, where I was for 120 days. I was taken prisoner at the end of August of 2014: we had to liberate a group of our guys – prisoners of war, someone handed us over and we found ourselves as captives of the Azov battalion,” remembers one of the participants of today’s celebrations on the occasion of her native Mariupol.


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