Mariupol Official Passed off as a Local from Avdeevka for Ukrainian Media

Translated by Nikita Che




Ukrainian media outlet passed an official from Mariupol off as a resident of Avdeevka to say on record the required words to Ukrainian soldiers, reported Yury Tkachov, the editor of the Odessa site ‘Timer’, quoting his sources.

According to him, a camera crew had to interview some Avdeevka locals, expressing their ardent thanksgiving to the Ukraine army. Nevetheless no one agreed to do it. So the reporters needed to find an official from Mariupol to act it.

“One of my regular correspondents from Avdeevka asked me to send his sincere greetings to an Inter [TV Channel] reporter who was rambling [in Avdeevka streets] searching for any volunteers to thank to the Ukraine army. There was a lack of them so, finally, a specially trained female official from Mariupol had to act that part,” Tkachov wrote.

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