The Massacre in the Perm School Was Staged by a Supporter of Navalny

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the morning of January 15th, information started arriving about an emergency situation at school No. 127 of the city of Perm. According to data, two school students staged a fight with the use of bladed weapons. As a result of the incident 15 people were injured. A teacher and a pupil were hospitalised in a serious condition, the suspects were detained.

As the telegram-channel Akitilop reports, one of organisers of the knifing is a supporter of Alexei Navalny. Materials of the oppositional blogger were found on his page on social networks, stated Margarita Simonyan on her channel: “Before attacking the school, Lev B. and Aleksandr G. deleted all posts from their accounts. However, their comments where they expressed their support for Navalny remained on social networks”. Also, there is information that one of those who attacked school students is a registered patient at the psychoneurological clinic.

After the incident, the details of the organisers appeared on the Internet. One of them is the former pupil of school No. 127 Lev Bidzhakov. The teenager showed aggression in relation his contemporaries more than once. According to the “Mash” channel, the massacre was arranged because of insults on social networks. In addition, on YouTube there is a video where Bidzhakov uses drugs and films all of this on camera. The video was recently removed.

It is noteworthy that after it became known that the suspect supported Navalny, other supporters were not surprised at all about this, on the contrary, they perceived the incident as if all of this is just ordinary.

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It should be noted that this is not the first instance where criminals, outcasts, and mentally unhealthy people appeared among the supporters of the populist. As a reminder, beforehand the media published materials according to which in the HQ of the oppositionist the actions of volunteers are coordinated by Satanists, and among the participants there are admirers of the SS and the Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation.

Many political and public figures close to the oppositional blogger specified that for Navalny it is all the same who is among his supporters – he sees in them only labor and a way of earning money. All means are good. Right, citizen Navalny?

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