Mateusz Piskorski From a Polish Prison Appealed to Russian Friends for Help

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Polish political prisoner Mateusz Piskorski, who is accused of spying for Russia, asked his Russian adherents for help. On January 31st users of Facebook publish a fragment of his telephone conversation in Russian.

“Dear friends, my long imprisonment in a pre-trial detention center is connected directly to my political activity, which is aimed at preventing a conflict between Poland and Russia and a standoff of Russophobia in Europe. After spending nearly three years behind bars, there was a chance to be released. The condition — big bail. Therefore I appeal to all friends and adherents: if you have the opportunity to help it is possible to do it through PayPal (the link to Piskorski’s account is here). More information can be obtained from Marina Klebanovich, who has the right to represent my interests and to speak on behalf of me. Thanks!” said the social-political figure.

EADaily adds that a few days ago the Polish court determined a total amount of bail for Piskorski’s freedom until the court verdict. It is quite an impressive sum — 500,000 zloties.

As a reminder, in 2014 Mateusz Piskorski acted as the organiser of a delegation of international observers for the Crimea referendum. In fact, it is thanks to precisely the public initiative of the Polish politician that the Crimean referendum was legalised in the media space of the European Union. In this regard it is worth noting that dialogue between the director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights Aleksandr Brod and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights in December 2018.

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The human rights activist told the head of state that there was a need to create a mechanism for the coordination of joint actions with foreign human rights structures. “Without this, the problem of pushing forward the Russian position to foreign partners is problematic,” noted Brod. Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal of the head of the bureau, having noted that “there (in the EU) are enough decent people who are ready to take such a civil stand”. “Let’s work on all your solutions, we will put them in the draft instruction and we will try to do at least the most important from what you proposed,” summed up the president.

“The president proved to us long ago that he is a responsible and reliable leader,” commented the authorised representative of Piskorski, Marina Klebanovich, to EADaily. “I wrote to him with a request a year ago to pay for a lawyer, and in response I was told that he cannot provide financial aid to someone who isn’t a citizen of the Russian Federation, and this is quite understandable. But when studying this instruction I ask you to consider such risks for the friends of Russia who indeed have a civil stand and who such strong people as Mateusz Piskorski from Poland and Aleksandr Gaponenko from Latvia have consistently defended year after year, sometimes even at the price of their own freedom”.

“Being a Russian, I appeal to the citizens of the country — please, those who can, please help, Russians do not abandon (their friends)! Mateusz repeatedly spoke against NATO in Poland, actively supported friendly relations between our countries, and wrote many articles in both the Polish and English languages, reinforcing his convictions with facts”

noted Marina Klebanovich

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