Matvienko: Putin Raised Russia From Its Knees, Should Have the Right to Become President Again

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has done a lot for the country and should have the right to run again for the post of head of state.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich should have the right to take part in the next people’s competitive elections. Of course, it is up to him whether or not he will exercise this right in 2024. But he should have the opportunity to participate in the elections. And citizens should have the right to choose,” said Matvienko on Wednesday at a meeting of the Federation Council when discussing the law on amendments to the Constitution.

One amendment would allow Putin to run for President of the Russian Federation again in 2024.

Such a decision will ensure effective public administration in the coming years and will devalue any speculation about the successor, the possibility of changing the configuration of power institutions in our country, and much more, said Matvienko.

“We must pay tribute to what has been done in the development of the country by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin over the past 20 years,” added the Chairwoman of the Federation Council. “He raised, it is possible to say, the country from its knees, ensured the progressive development of the economy destroyed at the time, recreated a capable effective army, returned Russia to its role in the international arena. And most importantly, I think – he returned dignity to the country and its citizens. Today our President is recognised in the world as one of the world’s top leaders, and this is a fact.”

“By the way, I want to say that after yesterday’s news (about Putin getting the right to run for president in 2024) the fall in oil prices stopped and the situation with the stock markets stabilised somewhat,” said Matvienko.

“Given the scale of the challenges facing Russia today, the difficult situation in the global economy as a whole, and the difficult international situation, it is vital that we maintain domestic political stability and predictability. It is important for business, investors, and for our foreign partners,” noted Matvienko, commenting on this amendment.


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