May 2 in Odessa: The Nazis in Conjunction With Zelensky Again Run the Show

Imagine if neo-Nazis came to any concentration camp in Germany or Poland that has long been a museum and attacked the tour. “What are you doing here – your relatives perished?!” So what would have happened next? That’s right – an international scandal. The Nazis would be criminally punished, a couple of law enforcement ministers would resign, and the heads of state would make an official apology. The disgrace would have been all over the global media. In addition to the Ukrainian media, of course. After all, here in Ukraine, the Nazis habitually and enthusiastically run the show. And on May 2nd 2020, on Kulikovo Field, they once again demonstrated this, masterfully, working in conjunction with the top brass of the country. It turned out, of course, as always — like whistling in a pool. But they tried!

A truck with the state symbols of Ukraine – yellow-blue flags and a trident, with the number “666”, was driving around Kulikovo Field – surrounded by barrier tape and police officers with dogs – where dozens of people died six years ago.

From the speaker installed on it, interrupting the voices of mourners, German recordings were broadcasted to the whole district – exactly like in a film chronicle, when the speaker told the prisoners that they need to gather near the gas chamber or listen to the Fuhrer’s proclamation. Law enforcement did not react.

The people, the flow of who started in the early morning and did not stop in these seconds, stood in a long tedious queue to get to the House of Trade Unions with flowers. Odessans were allowed to pass two or three people at a time, and were exclusively accompanied by the officers of the “dialogue police”. But in the beginning, selectively, determining something lazily, people were searched by passing metal detector on their clothes.

The Nazis, standing next to each other, periodically “shout” about non-compliance with quarantine measures – like saying: “you are standing too close to each other”. And, again, they mocked: “Do you have relatives who perished here? He-he-he”.

Not everyone could tolerate it, telling the freaks to f*ck off. And then the police reacted quickly, sweetly whispering with the bulls of “Right Sector“, and taking “violators” aside for a “polite conversation”. The quarantine measures did not apply to the Nazis themselves, who moved only in bunches (out of fear).

But it was precisely quarantine that became a sordid and far-fetched way to bury the head in the sand like an ostrich and not make excuses for six years of silence. And the comical mining of Kulikovo Field no longer needs to be invented (as it was usual before), and summons to the SBU for dissent can be combined with “pure conscience” with quarantine.

It’s been six years that the Odessa tragedy on May 2nd has not been investigated. This is six years during which evidence could have been destroyed a thousand times. Recall that in the autumn, the Verkhovna Rada failed to vote for the creation of a Commission to investigate the mass murder in the House of Trade Unions. Thus, the “new ” Zelensky team has also failed the test of humanity.

Although the Ukrainian President wrote today on Facebook that “in our society there are a number of painful questions that require honest answers. ‘Who is to blame for the tragedy of May 2nd 2014?’ is one of them”, but to promise does not mean to get married. And it is clear that the culprits will at best be “sketched” rather than identified. And in vain he added that “Odessa is a city of open and sincere people, synonymous with kindness, warmth, and sun”. I.e., this is still suitable for a greeting card from 30 years ago, but in the understanding of the “new” team, Odessans are who? Bastards who broadcast fascist speeches at a mourning meeting? Those whom the real inhabitants of Odessa spit on, seeing them off with the epithets “orcs”, “inhumans”, “fascists”, and “devils”? Those who if it were not for the quarantine would eat shish kebabs directly from skewers, as was the case a year ago on Kulikovo Field? Are they the ones who bring the good and the sun? No, they bring death and stench.

If at least Zelensky would became ashamed in front of the UN, which timidly hinted – have you already completely gone mad postponing so much the investigation into the massacre of people? It’s a shame for Ukraine all over the world.

…And we met our comrades on Kulikovo Field. With sorrow. With pain. All burned out. Internally. “When will it end, and how many of ours are actually in the city?” – we discussed

In this regard, we recalled the data of the latest opinion poll conducted in Odessa by the “Pulse” information and research center. No one will tell us the truth anyway, but if we follow the data of this center, 67% of the respondents celebrate Victory Day [May 8th – ed], whereas independence day – 28% of the alleged inhabitants of Odessa. And in general, it seems that if the center didn’t make this latter figure bigger, it would have problems. However, it was decided to proceed from this data. Although there are more than 67% of us who are simply intimidated, who weren’t finished off, who are dead being alive, who come out of prison disabled, who are afraid for the future of their children, who do not expect absolutely any support and even more so – any protection. But who are still able to express their opinions, even if it’s such a small amount compared to the tragedy of May 2nd — by the ocean of flowers

This time, like in previous years, there were so many that in the middle of the day Kulikovo Field was closed for fake disinfection.

And then people handed their flowers to the police.

By the way, this is also an illustrative moment — some police officers agreed to take the flowers to the place of death, while others, on the contrary, behaved aggressively and rudely. Before my eyes, an employee of the “dialogue police” – and they are often psychologists – advised those who gathered to get away from the House of Trade Unions as soon as possible — “get in line, sons of bitches, get in line”.

And the woman with a bouquet just said out loud: “It’s very hard to ‘get out’ as soon as possible — it’s hard to breathe in a mask and the glasses fog up.” “So, do I have to rip off your glasses?!” barked the psychologist/”peacemaker” at her. And I immediately thought: collectors are already employed for the “dialogue police”, or it’s even simpler than this – they take flayers?

However, I am sure that the policemen who carry flowers are Odessans, and the bastards for who the bleeding scar on the heart of Odessa means nothing are not. They are from those who were “brought from all regions of Ukraine”, as they were scared on the eve of the mournful date. I am sure that we will meet them again on May 9th.

And to the Nazis who tried to troll people today on the subject of “your relatives died here?” (real relatives, too), I would like to say: Yes, those who died on May 2nd 2014 are relatives not only for the inhabitants of Odessa, but also for all people throughout the civilised world! In the world! People — not Ukrainian fascists!

And as for punishing the inhumans and waiting to see if anything fair will happen to them… Then, remember, like in “Voroshilov Sharpshooter”: “We caught on late. It already happened. Of course it did. Since they have become rapists, something has happened to them a long time ago.”

By the way, you should have seen their faces today when a car passed by from which “Arise, vast country…” could be heard!

Tatiyana Gerashchenko

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