Mayor of Gorlovka Accused Poroshenko of Committing Genocide Against the People of Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Ivan Prikhodko, the acting head of administration of Gorlovka, took part in the “Donbass online” program on the “Kometa-Donetsk” radio station. The economic blockade organized by the Kiev authorities against the residents of Donbass was the topic of the program.

“There is no difference between genocide and an economic or political blockade. It is a policy aimed at the extermination of their own people. Also, it doesn’t matter how it is carried out. This genocide begun in the summer of 2014 when all the roads started to be blocked, and the sale of goods stopped. Furthermore: deliveries of food and medicines stopped. Due to all this since the summer of 2014 until the end of spring of 2015 we had very strong disruptions. Fortunately, now everything has been stabilized and the politician Poroshenko hasn’t achieved strong success.

Since February, 2017, they begun to blockade all freight, and even published a new list of products that people can transport. It is very limited by quantity. At the same time 90% of people who cross checkpoints are pensioners,” commented Ivan Prikhodko.

In addition, the acting head of administration of Gorlovka spoke about the industrial enterprises of the city, which not only have kept their potential, but also began to work in new conditions.

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