Is the Measles Epidemic in Ukraine Connected to American Biological Laboratories?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Ukraine a measles epidemic has factually been recorded – from Galicia to Kiev and Odessa, and it’s already on the way to Crimea. Ukrainian doctors, who already partially forgot about this diagnosis, remembered it and received the instruction to call measles “kir” [Ukrainian for “measles”; in Russian it is “kor” – ed] within the framework of the State language law. At the end of last year the number of patients with measles in only a few weeks exceeded the norm indicator by 43 times. Only in November among heavy patients there were already 2558 children.

In the first ten days of January, 2018, there was a powerful surge in incidence: in one day – January 10th – Ukrainian regions officially registered more than 3500 cases. Neither physicians nor Ukrainian healthcare officials cant explain what’s actually going on.

It should be noted that in the Donetsk People’s Republic since 2015 no case of such a disease was documented, while the virus is present on the territories of Donbass under the control to the Ukrainian punishers. It appears that measles inoculations in the DPR are obligatory and are carried out according to the schedules of vaccination existing in the Russian Federation, and the vaccines arrive from Russia in humanitarian escorts.

However, there was an immediate attempt to accuse Donbass of spreading the infection. Allegedly the outbreak of measles in Ukraine originated from a camp for Donbass IDPs in Krivoy Rog. But even this doesn’t cancel out the failure of inoculative work with the population.

“The lowest coverage of vaccination is the absolute failure of Ukraine not only for measles, but for all vaccine-preventable infections,” stated the former vice-chairman of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service Svyatoslav Protas. “You know, we have constant problems with the delivery of vaccines, with the quality of preparations, with the organisation of inoculations. The indirect cause — the destruction of preventive medicine under the guise of European integration and the fight against corruption. Everything is done so that the only possibility is the medicine not working. Without exaggeration, there is the systematic destruction of our population, of our nation”.

By the way, recently Svyatoslav Protas, who too frankly expresses his opinions, was nearly arrested according to the personal order of the Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. However, the trumped-up case against Protas quickly collapsed.

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And interruptions in the deliveries of vaccines indeed became a daily occurrence in Ukraine after Euromaidan. Many parents directly say in hospitals: there aren’t any vaccines, they look for them and buy them for money. Those who can’t find vaccines go on “inoculative tours to Europe”, should they have the funds to do so. It so happened that there are vaccines, but the preparation is low-quality, children received anaphylactic shocks because of it. There were deadly complications, five cases are known. Doctors confirmed aseptic meningitis, convulsions, paralysis, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, and intellectual backwardness as being among the possible complications from using the Ukrainian vaccine.

The doctor-infectiologist and assistant in the department of infectious diseases of the Odessa National Medical University Natalya Zhurakovskaya states:

“The number of our patients with measles passed 1,000. Two more departments, in addition to the existing ones, were switched to work on measles. Every day from 8 to 12 people are diagnosed in hospital with ‘measles’. Five people died — two adults aged 44 and 47, and three children  aged 2, 4, and 17! And I assure you — this is not the apogee!.”

In Odessa there is one of the most difficult epidemiological situations. However, it isn’t any better in Lvov, where staff of a whole enterprise fell sick on January 3rd; 50 patients with measles were sent to hospitals in Kiev; 70 fell ill in Dnepropetrovsk. There is a flash in Kherson – cases in settlements practically on the border with Crimea are recorded.

The father of a girl who died from measles, the inhabitant of Odessa Sergey Galchinsky, writes:

“On December 21st, 2017, my daughter died. She was only 17 years old, and she died of bilateral pneumonia as a complication after being infected with measles. And all vaccinations were done. She caught measles in the hospital she was brought to according to the recommendation of doctors for a bronchoscopy of the lungs. Of course, nobody in the hospital warned about this epidemic of measles, which existed since August.”

It should be noted that the deceased girl received an inoculation. Two-thirds of the sick residents of Kherson had also been previously vaccinated, but they anyway ended up in a hospital bed in a serious condition.

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On this occasion there is a reasonable possibility that the classic viral disease actively mutates and somehow overcomes the immunity developed by the old vaccine. As was already said, the hardest hit is Odessa. Meanwhile, it is exactly here that the first American biological laboratory was constructed and started working. From 2014 to 2017 alone in Ukraine there were in total 15 military biological centers under the direction of the intelligence agencies of the US. In addition to the Odessa region, the location of laboratories that are engaged in studying and producing viruses and bacteria are: the Kharkov region near the border with the LPR, Kherson, Uzhgorod, Ternopol. Three laboratories at the same time in the Lvov and Kiev regions. The personnel are exclusively Americans, and are financed from the budget of the US Department of Defence. The local authorities pledged not to interfere in their work.

“The epidemics of rare diseases that shook Ukraine in recent years may be caused by banal leaks [from labs – ed. However, this option seems extremely improbable, considering the high skill level of American experts. Most likely, the contaminations were deliberate and were a part of the testing of modifications of combat viruses for the purpose of their approbation and improvement,” it is said in the investigation published on the official site of hacker group “Cyberberkut”.

There is one more significant detail: the Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulana Suprun is known as “Doctor Death” or the “Minister of Measles”. She arrived to Ukraine from Canada, therefore, as we will see later, she speaks and writes only in these two languages.

Concerning the epidemic. There are flashes in Kiev, in a camp of Roma and in a circus, but you never know when people around you will fall ill, therefore it is necessary to have inoculations to protect yourself and your children,” stated Suprun.

She made this statement in the Cabinet of Ministers on January 11th, and the latest post of the Canadian-Ukrainian minister was written in her second (or first) native language.

“Great Britain: How about cleaning up your own backyard?”

A strange post with a message to the residents of Great Britain about about “cleaning”. Is it true that “Doctor Death” doesn’t care about the citizens of Ukraine? Or is it precisely from them that “yards should be cleaned”? Or maybe the “Minister of Measles” knows something about the spreading of the virus, from which it is necessary to be cleaned? But of course, not Ukrainians, as “Doctor Death” considers, but more civilised people.

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Ulana Suprun stated from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada:

“A treatment against measles does not exist. Immunity from the vaccination creates the disease. Unvaccinated children and adults become very sick. According to world data, 1 in 900 patients die from complications. Only vaccination gives immunity… Yesterday it became known about another death from measles. This child had not been vaccinated. This is the eighth death since the outbreak started, it’s a tragedy of our society… In 2017, 4782 cases of measles were registered in Ukraine, and in the first two weeks of 2018 1285 adults and children are already ill. Most cases are registered in the Ivano-Frankovsk, Chernovtsi, Transcarpathian, and Odessa regions.”

Measles is an acute viral disease that is dangerous due to its complications — pneumonia, ear infection, encephalitis, sight loss. It can result in disability and death. The only way to be protected is through vaccination. The Soviet Union began mass vaccination in 1967, and in 10 years, according to WHO data, the illness was almost defeated in the USSR. In Russia a third of territorial entities were considered free from measles, in the others incidental cases were registered.

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