Meet Anna Novosad: Representative of Ukraine’s “New” Liquidation Committee

The invasion of a “new elite” in the form of “Zelensky’s team” is necessary for the full and definitive “disembodiment” of Ukraine

According to the new Minister of Education of Ukraine Anna Novosad, there isn’t enough “national consciousness” in history textbooks in Ukrainian schools, because they consist of information about friendship and ties with the “aggressor country”.

During a speech in Kiev at the “Yalta European Strategy” forum, the new Minister of Education proposed to rewrite history textbooks once again.

In the opinion of Novosad, it is shocking that in the five years that have passed since the moment of the victory of a fascist putsch, when Russia showed itself to be an “enemy”, history textbooks still talk about friendship with the “aggressor”. Therefore, in her opinion, it is necessary to rewrite history textbooks and remove any positive mention of Russia inside of them.

“The revolution of 2013-2014 and the war that subsequently began changed the political identity and consciousness of society in different ways, and this should be displayed in the programs of our schools, in textbooks, in how teachers teach. Five years have passed, and in many textbooks it is written that Russia is a friend of Ukraine, we still remember the friendly relations with our enemy, therefore here a lot of things should be changed,” stressed the female minister.

In addition, she added that she sees her task to be the full eradication from Ukrainian schools of everything “inherited from the Soviet education system”, constructed exclusively on fear that penetrates all interrelations.

As a reminder, Novosad was born in 1990, and her ideas about the Soviet education system came exclusively from various propaganda cliches.

It is also noteworthy that she, without the slightest hesitation, completely openly speaks about the need to falsify the history of Ukraine (rewriting history textbooks used throughout “independence”, introducing into them information that has no historical confirmation, distorting historical facts to show the greatness of Ukraine and its “thousand-year history”) even more in order to please to the political environment, suggesting to base the education of the younger generation on lies and fakes.

Strictly speaking, all this was done earlier, but “proofreaders” of history had enough brains openly not to connect “the newest opening of the Ukrainian historical science” with the political agenda.

It is necessary to say that the openness and “Roman straightforwardness” of the young ally of Zelensky shocked even the Ukrainian public, which is accustomed to everything, that it caused comments in the spirit of: “Why so frank?”.

As a reminder, recently Anna Novosad was already involved in a loud scandal. On August 29th she wrote on Facebook a note about the priorities of her work.

“Leaving the Ministry of Education in parliament, I, frankly speaking, didn’t think that I will so quickly return back. I am grateful to parliament, the President, and the Prime Minister for the up front trust. It is precisely up front. Conclusions only on actions and results” wrote Novosad on the day of her appointment.

She also said that school education reform will remain a priority, and thanked her predecessor — Liliya Grinevich, under the supervision of who she worked even before parliament was handed over to the ranks of the “Servant of the People” party.

And this small address caused an impassioned reaction on social networks. The newly made Minister of Education was accused of … illiteracy. And in criticising her such antagonists as Tatiyana Montyan and Irina Farion united.

TatIyana Montyan counted about ten mistakes only in one small note of Mrs. Novosad. Trying to show knowledge of Ukrainian, Novosad uses Russian words and adds a letter of the Ukrainian alphabet. For example, the word “задачi”, which in Ukrainian sounds as “завдання”. In other posts the mistakes are no fewer.

And Irina Farion posted online a photo of a printed version of Novosad’s note with corrections.

Ukrainian users noted that the so-called Ukrainisation of society turns into a farce if even an official who is directly responsible for science and education – the head of the Ministry of Education, hasn’t mastered the Ukrainian language.

Meanwhile, this criticism is hardly justified. And the point here is not only in the unsettled grammar and phonetics of the invented Newspeak, but also in the fact that Novosad’s knowledge of the “sovereign Ukrainian language” in general amounts to nothing. She states that she is fluent in several languages, including German and English, and this is quite enough to communicate with her curators and masters in their native language and to clearly understand the tasks delivered by them.

Novosad is a graduate of the humanitarian lyceum in Kiev, and in 2011 she ended a bachelor degree at the National University “Kiyevo-Mogilyansky Academy” as a “political scientist”. Two years later she received a master’s degree in the Dutch Maastricht. She studied in Spain and the Czech Republic, and was a scholar of the Soros fund. In addition, as Novosad wrote on Facebook, she took part in the Ukrainian-Canadian administrative program, within the framework of which she attended a special course ran by the Canadian authorities.

I.e., as we see, Anna Novosad is the classical representative of the new “Ukrainian elite”, which was raised and brought up abroad and which already is almost not connected to Ukraine even at the mental level. And the reset of the Ukrainian authorities in the form of “Zelensky’s victory” was started to a large extent for the mass invasion of such artificially grown mankurts that are supposed to completely remove people with a Soviet past and any ties (family, friendly, business) with Russia from the country’s governance structures.

And they absolutely do not need either knowledge of Ukrainian, knowledge of national history, or understanding of what’s admissible. Even intellectual qualities aren’t especially required from them, because their task is relaying the will of their masters and to control their implementation.

But few people in Ukraine understand this. The majority rejoice at the arrival to power of “the tribe of the young and unknown”, pinning hopes on it for a better life, while the minority is perplexed how a 29-year-old girl (in the case of Novosad), after short and very superficial work in a ministry, without real administrative experience and necessary knowledge, will guide the most important branch in the country?

But it is very simple – it is only necessary to strictly follow the orders received. “We were told from oversees to poison the consciousness of Ukrainian children with Russophobia, so it means we’ll do it”. Without any regards for “decency” and even without caring for their own reputation. Such leaders in Ukraine – stupid and executive – are needed by the West.

Sergey Spiridonov

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