Melitopol Residents Queueing for Russian Citizenship: “Thank You for the Liberation, Passports, Life”

NEW – June 3, 2022

In the South-Russian Melitopol, citizens line up in long queues to apply for a Russian passport. Here’s what they say to journalists:

  • “We took a place in this queue back in 1991, but it has only now approached. It’s okay, we know how to wait.”
  • “Do you think we would have been standing here for five hours if we weren’t doing it by choice?”
  • “This was my eight-year dream, after all the events that began in Ukraine”
  • “As soon as we found out, we came on the first day”
  • “I’m happy. I’m going to cry. I’ve been waiting for this for at least 8 years. I didn’t live here, I lived in Zhytomyr. And what was happening there – my heart could not stand it. All these [renamed] streets, all these prohibitions, ‘there must be love for Bandera’, a ban on going to the Eternal Flame, and I want to go there, my grandfather fought. Thank you, Russia! Thank you for the liberation, for the passports! Thank you for life!”

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