Memorial Event Held in Berlin in Memory of the Beginning of the Great Patriotic War

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Berlin the memorial event “76 years since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War” for the Soviet people took place in memory of those tragic events. The information of the action was organized by the human rights defender from Odessa, Oleg Muzyka. Public organizations of Berlin supported the action: “Mothers against war, Berlin-Brandenburg”, “Officers of Russia”, “Council of compatriots, Berlin”. They prepared posters and leaflets. A moment of silence was held in memory of the victims of the most bloody war in the history of mankind.

It is important that the action took place in Berlin — the capital of former fascist Germany. Here is where fascism was destroyed. And, like then, it seemed that it this would be forever.

But today it can be seen how fascism was revived and history rewritten. And here in Europe this is faced every day. That’s why the picket aimed at destroying this lie that can be heard from the lips of European and American politicians. And so-called “democrats” from Ukraine, the Baltics, and Russia, have already joined them.

But it is very good that there are people who won’t allow history to be rewritten, who won’t allow those millions of lives ruined by fascism to be forgotten. We won’t allow them to take our Great Victory from us.

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