Memorial Stone to Marshal Zhukov Dismantled in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On Sunday, May 7th, local activists forced the authorities to remove a memorable stone in Odessa to the Soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov. This was reported by Radio Svoboda.

According to the agency, the monument was established the day before by supporters of the Communist Party, which is forbidden in Ukraine. The stone was on the avenue that wore the name of Zhukov until recently, but within decommunization it was renamed into Heavenly Hundred Avenue.

On the marble stone there was the inscription in Russian: “here the monument to the marshal of Victory, the Hero of the Soviet Union G. K. Zhukov will be established by grateful veterans and residents of the hero town of Odessa with the assistance of the City Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine”.

After disputes between activists and police officers, communal services arrived to the scene, and with the help of equipment they dismantled the stone.

As was reported by, on April 28th, in Odessa, activists desecrated with red paint the plaque to Georgy Zhukov and wrote above it the word “Decommunization”.

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