In Memory of Dresden – 15th February, 1945

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


I don’t know how many times in a year the Holocaust of Jews is commemorated – in my opinion, every month there is some date. And it is written about, flowers are laid, and congresses are carried out. But today is also the anniversary of a terrible war crime – and nobody remembers it. Because it was done not by nazis, but by Anglo-Americans – the anniversary of the fiery Holocaust of Dresden. This day in 1945 hundreds of thousands of peaceful citizens, predominately refugees, were incinerated by Anglo-American aviation. A horrific crime, equal to Hiroshima.

The most beautiful city of Germany, a city without any military facilities, without soldiers, without army, without antiaircraft guns, peaceful, an open city full of refugees was burned. 150,000 people perished, or maybe even more, in one night. Nobody even could count them – all burned, and the smell of burnt flesh hung above Saxony for a long time. Squadrons of bombers sent by the maniac psychopath Arthur Harris (his monument is near parliament in London, although he killed more people than any executioner of the 20th century could dream of) dropped incendiary bombs and caused a fiery tornado, which sucked into itself people like a horrific octopus.

Why was this brutal massacre committed? As a warning for Russians. The Red Army stood 60km from Dresden and quickly moved to the west. Winston Churchill decided to show to Russians what Anglo-American air power is capable of. The known English military historian R. Crossman in his article Apocalypse at Dresden (Esquire Magazine, November 1963), writes:

“The Russian communique of January 12th, 1945, that the Red Army resumed the offensive on all front and pushes towards Prussia and Silesia became a prelude to the bombardment of Dresden. This news afflicted the American General Dwight Eisenhower, whose troops still hadn’t recovered from the humiliating defeat in Ardennes, and also President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Prime Minister Churchill, who were preparing for the Yalta conference. Sir Winston felt that the impression of the advance of the Red Army must be spoiled. But how to do it? The obvious answer was – by a demonstration of power of the Western military air forces, so horrific that even Stalin will be impressed.

When Churchill learned that the Russian army crossed Oder in Breslau and is only 60 miles from Dresden, he gave the order to English aircraft together with the American 8th air army the plan to destroy Dresden.” Crossman in detail describes how during five days Anglo-American destroyers were shooting with machine guns the women and children who escaped the bombardment. His description of destruction and death is so horrific that it can’t be read without tears.

When the population of England and America learned about the Holocaust of Dresden, they were also gripped by horror. The British were in complete denial – all of this is supposedly nazi propaganda. It’s true that none of the participants of the atrocity received awards and medals, and Harris had to go to South Africa for rest. Americans put everything on … Russians – that allegedly the bombardment was done by request of Stalin. Crossman wonders that was worse: the British denial or the American attempt to shift the blame, and doesn’t know what to choose.

Recently deceased known American writer Kurt Vonnegut was in captivity in Dresden and he described the occurring Holocaust in his novel “The Children’s Crusade, or Slaughterhouse-Five” which also was translated into Russian. He writes: “Dresden was one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Its wide streets were planted by shady trees. It was full of an uncountable number of small parks and sculptures. In it there were wonderful old churches, libraries, museums, theaters, art galleries, beer gardens, a zoo, and a known university. I was in captivity, hungry, dirty, and full of hatred for our enemies, but I loved this city and saw a blessed miracle of its past and the rich promise of its future.

There is no doubt that allies were at war for the right cause, and Germans for the wrong one. World War II was waged almost from sacred motives. But mass bombings of the civilian population when the European conflict was coming to an end were baseness, a blow below the belt. When Russians liberated us, we were glad, but I felt that I would give my life to save Dresden for future generations.”

ФЕМЕН в Германии приветствуют бомбежки Дрездена. "Спасибо, Харрис-бомбер"

Russians came to the destroyed Dresden and helped Germans to build up it. It is again beautiful, although what it was is impossible to return. We should remember this horrific crime, and to remind Americans about it, before they take off to bomb Syria, or, heaven forbid, Ukraine. We should remind Germans about it, it’s not Russians, who you accuses of rapes, who did it, this was done by your allies in NATO, who still occupy your land. And we have to remind ourselves about it in order to not have illusions about the humanism of America.

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