Mental Debilitation Continues: Ukraine Drops Maths & Physics From The School Curriculum

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine published on its website a draft of the standard curriculum for 10-11 classes, which assumes the almost complete elimination from the obligatory program of exact and natural sciences, reports the online newspaper “Strana”.

In the publication it is noted that the document assumes, first of all, an essential reduction (i.e. obligatory for all educational institutions) in the mandatory component of the curriculum, and an increase in the optional one.

“If earlier 29.5 class periods a week were given to the mandatory component, and 8.5 hours were on the optional component, then now the mandatory component for the 10 class will consist of 20.5 hours, and the optional — 17.5. In principle, it allows educational institutions to approach the designing of the training program more flexibly,” writes the publication.

“It is evident that from the mandatory part such subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, geography, computer science have disappeared: all these subjects were moved to the optional component of the curriculum,” continues “Strana”.

“As for algebra and geometry for which earlier in the curriculum were allocated four hours a week in the 10 class and five hours in the 11, now instead of them there will be an merged “mathematics” course, which as part of the mandatory programme studying will be allotted 3 hours a week. The fundamentals of natural sciences will be taught to school students within the merged “people and nature” course, which will be allotted 3 hours of study a week”.

Also merged into a single course is the history of Ukraine and world history (a total of 2 hours a week compared to the 2.5 hours across the two subjects earlier), and also Ukrainian and world literature (a total of two hours compared to the four hours earlier), but will increase time for physical education: 3 hours a week instead of 2.

“It should be noted that the reform won’t create special problems in the study of exact and natural sciences at schools and classes with profound studying of these objects. However, at the same time, the study of natural science subjects in classes and schools of a humanities will be reduced to an absolute minimum,” emphasizes “Strana”.

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