Mercy of Donbass: LPR Militia Saved the Life of a UAF Fighter

Translated by Ollie Richardson


A fighter from the 28th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Artem Krena, who was abused by Ukrainian military leaders for having a differing opinion, was compelled to look for refuge in the People’s Republics of Donbass.

Brutally beaten for speaking out about the criminal regime in Kiev, the junior sergeant of the UAF conscription service could hardly reach a check point in Stanytsia Luhanska, where he was found by fighters of the LPR  militia in a half-dead state. After that the soldier was sent to the nearest hospital.

“I was shocked that they took me to hospital. I was sewed up, mended, and operated on. Most of all I was surprised that everyone addressed me on respectful terms. We were told that here they torture and kill,” he told.

He further said that he had to go to conscription service as evasion is a criminal offence, and there is no money for a pay off. He also emphasized that relations with commanders were always strained. Going against the grain, he stated his point of view on the events in Donbass, and for it he was punished.

Also Krena noted that in the Ukrainian Armed Forces there are practically no “patriots” ready to die for the pseudo-values that the present Kiev authorities promote. And the unwillingness of Ukrainians to do military service has today led to the fact that regular soldiers are literally hostages to the president Petro Poroshenko. To avoid service many of them are compelled to simply leave the country or to change passports.

“We had training in the Lvov area, and were trained by ordinary commanders. But here contract employees were trained by foreign instructors. We were forbidden from approaching them, we were considered as expendable material. Now everyone dreams of finishing their military service, and to quickly come back home. Nobody sees the sense in this war any more,” he summarized.

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