Merkel Washed Her Hands of the Coup in Ukraine: “It Was Their Internal Affair”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The leadership of Germany declined all responsibility for the events on Maidan. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the reply to the request of the Die Linke faction.

In fact, Merkel’s government didn’t bother to answer a single question asked in the inquiry of deputies, although it recognised that the use of violence for the achievement of political goals is unacceptable. 

In November of last year a group of parliamentarians from the Bundestag made an inquiry to the government of Germany containing a request to give an assessment on some specific episodes relating as to the period of the Maidan coup. As it follows from the preamble of the inquiry of deputies, the non-fulfilment of the February 21st agreement, coordinated with the participation of representatives from Germany, Poland, and France between the president Yanukovych, on the one hand, and oppositionists in the persons of Yatsenyuk, Tyagnybok, and Klitschko made a significant contribution to the development of the Ukrainian crisis.

“The use of illegal weapons on Maidan, violent threats against government bodies and law enforcement forces, and the deception by western diplomats of some representatives of the Ukrainian opposition have already become topics of publications in the German media”

noted deputies, mentioning the name of the current speaker of the Rada Parubiy

“The new leadership of Ukraine promised to investigate the bloody events on Maidan in Kiev. The European Parliament and other European institutions called for an investigation into cases of violence, however investigative actions continue to this very day”

it was noted in the document

In total, the parliamentarians formulated 34 questions for the government of Germany that cover (together with the introduction) 5 pages. The answer, if it is so possible to call it that, of the leadership of Germany was published on the website of the Bundestag during the first days of January of the current year.  

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In short – the authorities simply fobbed the deputies off. On the other hand, behind the empty bureaucratic formal reply there is the unwillingness of the government in Berlin to recognise its mistakes and take responsibility for the consequences of the Maidan coup: the collapse of the country and thousands of deaths. 

The cynicism of the officials of Merkel is simply shocking. As is known, during the political crisis in Ukraine in 2013-2014 Germany acted as one of the guarantor parties of its peaceful settlement – the head of the country’s foreign policy department of that time Frank-Walter Steinmeier added his signature underneath the agreement with Yanukovych. Now, as it follows from the answer of Berlin, they don’t want to drag up the past, because this agreement became “outdated” and lost relevance (“obsolete” is the term used in the original). As is said, Maksim is dead, so to hell with him [a Russian expression – ed]. Thus, the government of Germany, as it were, recognised that their guarantees cost nothing, and the signature of the federal minister is equal to the facsimile of the janitor. 

In principle, illusions about honest answers in essence shouldn’t have arisen after reading the preamble to the answer of the government of Germany, in which it is noted that “the conflict in Ukraine is an internal political issue”. Even if this is so, at the time Berlin, we will repeat, wasn’t just an outside observer, because it gave official guarantees, which representatives of the present Ukrainian government wiped their feet on. And even in response to the enquiry of parliamentarians concerning the investigation into the events on Maidan, Berlin advised “to take information from the website of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office”, as though deputies of the Bundestag have weak-mindedness, don’t have access to the Internet, and couldn’t think of such a “genius solution”.

The thesis that it “rejects the use of violence for achieving political goals” can be thought of as the only meaningful phrase in the response of the German government. However, even here Berlin showed hypocrisy since it didn’t specify which side of the standoff came to power in Ukraine the violent way. 

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The value of such answers can be equated to waste paper value. But even despite its emptiness, they matter because they show the cynicism of Europe. At the same time, we can’t claim that the deputies do absolutely useless work – after all, it is exactly like this, using legal parliamentary mechanisms, that it becomes possible to rub the nose of Merkel in her own indirect co-participation in the collapse of Ukraine.

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