MH17: Everything Secret Always Becomes Exposed

Everything secret always becomes exposed.

The horrifying details of the Malaysian Boeing catastrophe above Donbass on July 17th 2014 were revealed.

The new film showed what jugglings were committed in the course of the investigation of the Joint Investigation Team, and how the recordings of the negotiations of the dispatchers of the Ukrainian Air Force were concealed.

FBI agents tried to steal the black boxes from the Malaysian Colonel Sakri, who took them from Donetsk.

And NATO, headed by the US, was preparing to invade Eastern Ukraine and then Crimea. The governments of the United States, the Netherlands, and Australia, as well as NATO, initiated a plan to introduce 9,000 troops into the combat zone. However, this was opposed by Germany, and the operation was curtailed.

The authors of the film argue that the government of Malaysia, whose representatives, along with the representatives of the Netherlands, Australia, Ukraine, and Belgium were part of the Commission of Inquiry, rightly doubts the conclusions of the Commission.

The film presents evidence that a lot of the proof was stolen or falsified by employees of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Audio recordings of the talks presented by Kiev and shown in June by JIT at a press conference on June 19th were faked. Werff and the director of the film and co-producer Yana Erlashova appealed to the Malaysian firm OG IT Forensic Services, specialising in the preparation of audio, video, and other materials for court cases, and asked them to check phone records. Their conclusion leaves no doubt that the films have been worked on for a long time.

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According to the examination, the “wiretapping” of the SBU is a forgery with traces of splicing and assembling.

Witnesses at the crash site showed not the place of the missile launch that is indicated in the investigation report.

Earlier, witnesses said the same to the BBC, but British journalists “did not notice”.

And finally, an interview with a former dispatcher affirms that in Kiev there is radar control data for that day, although officially the military claimed that the Ukrainian radars were not working at this moment.

One of the distinguishing features of the van der Werff’s investigation is the testimony of Malaysian officials: the Prime Minister Mohamad Mahathir and the head of the Malaysian governmental investigation team and the Director of the National security Council, Colonel Mohamad Sakri, a participant in many events related to the investigation and still unknown to the public.

Najib Razak, who worked five years ago as Prime Minister of Malaysia, a few hours after the crash, told the US President Obama that he did not believe there was a “Russian trace”.

According to Mahathir, the remaining members of the investigation team from the beginning impeded investigators from Malaysia.

“So we can see they are not really looking at the causes of the crash and who was responsible,” he says in an interview shown in the film. “But already they have decided it must be Russia. So we cannot accept that kind of attitude. We are interested in the rule of law, in justice for everyone irrespective of who is involved. We have to know who actually fired the missile, and only then can we accept the report as the complete truth.”

The Ukrainian authorities, despite personal agreements between Razak, Barack Obama, and the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, began to interfere with the work of Malaysian investigators led by Colonel Sakri, who had arrived in Kiev, almost from the first minutes.

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Highlights of the film:

  1. The Dutch government refused to open an investigation 3 months after the plane crash. (3.35)
  2. The commission is shooed away all the time. (4.30)
  3. The Malaysians were secretly at the crash site and conducted their own investigation. They drove through Donetsk and examined everything. Evidence was collected and lies in Malaysia, they are waiting for their time. (5.15)
  4. The FBI tried to claim the black boxes without receipts and documents. The lack of starting positions for Buk is also mentioned! (6.50)
  5. From 7.40 onwards there is analysis of the event from the point of view of jurisprudence. All blame lies on Ukraine.
  6. Analysis of the missile and its inventory number plus the inability to do everything with just one installation. There is a need for a division and a guidance vehicle. There is again talk about the lack of launching positions on the side of the militiamen. (8.30)
  7. Manipulative news feed points the finger at Russia. (9.00)
  8. The investigation was handed over to the Dutch side despite Malaysia’s objections and willingness to investigate the case itself. (9.50)
  9. The SBU compiled the recording because it did not pass the examination of authenticity and integrity. (12.00)
  10. All the evidence was presented by the SBU, and only the SBU. There are no other sources of information! (12.45)
  11. Conversation glued together from wiretapped conversations about the Su-25 downed the day before. (13.30)
  12. At 14.10 there is analysis of the montage.
  13. All the evidence is based on 20 fabricated SBU recordings. (16.05)
  14. “Khmuriy” frankly talks about the events of that day. (17.00)
  15. Another examination of the recordings made by the German Norman Ritter. The result is the same: edited in 9 places. (18.15)
  16. Not all witnesses are equal, some are more equal than others. (18.40)
  17. Shrapnel from the “Buk” and the hole in the casing had not even been studied under the microscope. Where the shrapnel was taken from and what left holes in the casing is unknown “That’s a too specific question to answer now!” (19.20)
  18. Only the necessary fragments from the crash site were selected. Most of the wreckage was left behind. (19.50)
  19. From 21.40 onwards it is about a fake photo of a Buk, or rather about the date. The Buk had been transported two days earlier.
  20. The BBC story, which the prosecution refers to, was filmed elsewhere. (23.30)
  21. From 23.40 – details of the crash in Russian.
  22. The missile came from Stepanovka, where the UAF was. (24.05)
  23. Two military aircraft were near the falling flight. (24.50)
  24. There were “air-to-air” missile launch from a jet (25.23)
  25. The investigation ignored the primary radar data from Russia.
    Ukraine allegedly has no radar data for this date (26.20)
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