Military Cemetery Site in Kiev Runs Out Of Free Space

Translated by Nikita Che



The Lukianovsk military cemetery site in Kiev where militants of nationalist battalions are buried has ran out of free space. The capital’s authorities are attempting to cope with the problem now.

The last burial in the so called “heroes’ avenue” is reported to have been on the 2nd of January this year. Leonid Provodenko who, being on the wrong side of fifty, decided to participate in some fighting in Donbass, was granted the last resting place here after being killed in a blast on his own minefield in Debaltsevo during the notorious “drunken attack” committed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Other UAF “heroes” are deprived of burial places in the Lukianovsk cemetery site, FAN reports.

One can see only two ways to cope with the issue. The first one is to squeeze in some leaders’ graves, such as ‘Belaz’, ‘Kamaz’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Kirpich’ and so on. Their sites were cut with generosity and occupied, mainly, with huge monuments and grave plaques. The second one is to use for new burials so called “unclaimed sites”, which include graves that have not been treated for more than 20 years, as well as specially preserved sites on the cemetery.

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