Military Expert: “Former CIA Agents Do Not Exist”

Translated by Ollie Richardson




Military-political scientist Alexander Perendzhiyev spoke about who stands behind the public appeal of the former deputy director of CIA to kill Russians in Syria.

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell during a CBS broadcast said that the Iranians helped Shiites in Iraq to kill Americans, and called to arrange a massacre of Russians in Syria. The logic is this: let them eat what we Americans ate.

After such a strong statement by Mr. Morell there are a lot of questions. Personally, I have two: with whom in Iraq were the Americans actually at war with, and who are they fighting in Syria now? After all, the retired intelligence officer admitted that the United States was not at war with terrorists.

And the statement sounds like envy that can be understood. The Americans did not get the expected support for their actions in Iraq. They went home in shame, without showing how they are able to create peace in foreign countries.

Mr. Morell, who suddenly remembered the former achievements of his country, should remember that, thanks to the actions of Americans in Iraq’s Mosul, ISIS appeared, which then spread to Syria and which are now fighting the Shiites and Russians. But who the Americans are fighting is not clear at all.

Is the Deputy Director of the CIA, who publicly urged the killing of Russians in Syria, an ally of ISIS? It seems that way. It seems that the very department in which he worked in and which he represents supports ISIS.

The State Department, of course, was quick to distance themselves from the words of Morell. It can be seen how clearly and coherently the system works. At first the opinion is put in view, then it is spun up to a global scale, but then it is presented as a private opinion.

After all, a retired CIA agent is an unofficial person, so the statement has no legal force, which means it doesn’t deal a blow at the highest state level. This is a very common practice.

Everything is like that, but sorry. Everyone understands that a person that was working in the intelligence service, who served in a very high position in his department, possesses some information, but he signed some papers that obligate him to behave in retirement accordingly.

Intelligence is intelligence in any country. And it doesn’t matter how developed the freedom of speech is there. The Deputy Director of the CIA, although former, cannot make such a statement on the air if it had not been coordinated beforehand. Most likely, he was asked to make this statement in order to participate, so to speak, in the information special operations.

Former CIA agents do not exist.

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