Military Report: UAF Shelled Staromikhailovka, Wounding a 76-Year-Old Old Woman & Burning Her House to the Ground

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The number of victims of Ukrainian aggression grows. In the neurosurgery department of Kalinin Donetsk hospital the 64-year-old woman who was shelled by the UAF at Trudovskoye bus station on May 24th died. At the time of the incident, three other civilians received wounds. The bloody Ukrainian authorities continues to exterminate the civilians of Donbass.

Throughout May 26th the attacks on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic continued. The Ukrainian punishers used MLRS and heavy artillery, mortars, tanks and armored machinery, grenade launchers, and small arms. The direction of Krutaya Balka, Yakovlevka, Spartak, Yasinovataya, and Dokuchaevsk, up to the area of the airport and the West of Donetsk were subjected to the most intensive shelling of punishers in the Donetsk region. The settlement of Staromikhailovka was the most shelled. A peaceful inhabitant Staromikhailovka, the 76-year-old old woman living on 25 Abakumova Street, was wounded. The shelling of the UAF damaged her house. The house located on 22 Artema Street completely burned down. In addition, the shelling disrupted the power supply to the settlement of Lozovoye.

Also, the Gorlovka and southern direction were subjected to shelling.

In total for the last week punishers fired at the territory of the DPR 4,456 MLRS, artillery, tank shells, and other shells of different caliber.

31 settlements of the Republic in all directions of the frontline fell under the fire of the UAF. From May 22nd up to May 27th, 51 houses inclusive in these settlements are damaged or completely destroyed. Just think about these numbers …

Five civilians this week received wounds of varying severity. Among them are two people who came under shelling at Trudovskoye bus station on May 24th. One woman received wounds from UAF shelling on the settlement of Golmovsky on the Gorlovka sector of the frontline. A man was injured in the village of Yakovlevka, where he hid his children in the basement. On the evening of May 26th an old woman was wounded in Staromikhailovka in the west of Donetsk.

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One peaceful inhabitant was killed. This is the 64-year-old inhabitant of the settlement of Trudovskoye in the west of Donetsk who died in the neurosurgery department of Kalinin Donetsk hospital.

Losses among the military personnel of the DPR Armed Forces are four dead and four wounded.

This week the Ukrainian punishers continued to commit crimes against Donbass, now – in the territory occupied by them.

Thus, on May 23rd, on the eve of a meeting of the contact group in Minsk, the UAF shelled under-their-control Avdeevka. About 10 houses were destroyed, a civilian received a fragmental wound to the head.

On May 25th the occupied Krasnogorovka came under the shelling of punishers. And again – houses were destroyed and the regional hospital building was damaged. At the time of the attack there were ill people in the hospital. On May 26th nazis continued their attack on the city. Fortunately, there aren’t any wounded or dead recorded among the civilians of Krasnogorovka. According to Eduard Basurin, the shelling was conducted by punishers from “Right Sector”, from the suburbs of the village Nevelskoye.

Both for the first and second case, the Ukrainian media immediately blamed the DPR.

Besides this, from 15:00 on May 27th information came to the operative command of the DPR from locals of the villages of Maksimilyanovka, Kamenka, and Vodyanoe  that in the suburbs and in forests of the settlements the UAF moved forward heavy artillery, occupying initial positions. The re-deployment and covert movement of military equipment aims at the preparation of the next bloody provocation directed towards forcing the DPR Armed Forces to respond reciprocally.

This week was such.

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