Millions in Revenue and Luxury Items: The Full Text of Poroshenko’s 2017 Declaration

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In 2017 the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared 16,303, 874 hryvnia of income, reports “Interfax Ukraine”.

In the submitted documents it is said that in 2017 Poroshenko received 336,000 hryvnia of salary, he earned 15,795,874 hryvnia from interest on share in “International Investment Bank” (“IIB”), and he gained 172,000 of income from sales of movable property.

Poroshenko has $25,490,000 in IIB, 8,190,000 million more hryvnia of means in total from “Prime Assets Capital”. He stored $21,000 and 60,000 hryvnia in cash. Also, the president lent $3,430,000 and 1,111,000 hryvnia to third parties.

In 2017 the president deposited $10,777 in thhise account in Rothschild Bank AG (Switzerland), the owner of which is Rothschild Trust Schweiz AG (Switzerland).

In 2017 Poroshenko spent more than 3,800,000 hryvnia on education payments, 7,548,500 hryvnia on transport services, 2,735,849 hryvnia on tourist services in Ukraine, 5,472,400 hryvnia on “residence services” in Ukraine, 813,500 hryvnia on utility payments, 90,800 hryvnia on services or consultations in investment management, and 95,476 more hryvnia was accumulated on delegation expenses in Belgium.

During 2017 Poroshenko didn’t receive dividends from the more than 100 enterprises and legal entities that he is the final beneficial owner (controller) of [in 2018 he did receive dividends, however – ed].

Among them is “Prime Assets Capital”, in which the assets of the current President were combined.

In 2017 Poroshenko remained the final beneficiary of “Kiev confectionery factory Roshen” and its subsidiaries, “Central European Confectionery Company”, the “confectionery corporation Roshen” subsidiary company, the private company with limited liability “Roshen Europe B.V.” (Netherlands), “Vinnytsia confectionery”, “Vinnytsia dairy plant Roshen”, “Kremenchug confectionery Roshen”, “Mariupol confectionery Roshen”, and “Biscuit Complex Roshen” (Borispol).

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Abroad he possesses “Bonbonetti Choco confectionery factory”, “Bonbonetti” and “Choco Bonita” trade and services (Hungary), “Roshen” (Lithuania), “Foodstuff Roshen” (Shanghai, China), “Lipetsk Confectionery Roshen” (it was already stopped and closed down according to the decision of the leadership of the company) and “Roshen” (Russian Federation), “Roshen-Polska” (Poland), “DeLuxe Sauda” and “Grand Konditer” (Kazakhstan), “Roshen-Bel” (Belarus), and “Roshen-Georgia” (Georgia).

In 2017 Poroshenko remained a beneficiary of the “Kuznya on Rybalsky” factory (which in November 2018 was sold to the TAS group of Sergey Tigipko), “Sevastopol sea plant” (which was “nationalised” by the authorities of Sevastopol, and then it was announced that it transitioned to the “state ownership of Russia”).

Also, the “NBM” and “Express-Inform” (“Channel 5”) broadcasting companies appeared in his declaration. “International Investment Bank”, “Ukrprominvest-Trade”, “Ukrprominvest-Agro”, “Kryzhopolsky Sugar Plant”, “Agroprodinvest Group”, “Vinnytsia bakery group No. 2”, “Mas-agro”, “Agricultural Firm Dniproagrolan”, “Agricultural Company Ivankivtsi”, and “Dneprovsky Krokhmalopatokovy Combine”.

The president controls “Kiev Plant of Experimental Designs” and “Piskovsky Plant of Glass Products”. In his property there is the “Kraina insurance company”, “Sports facility Monitor”, and “Ekran Firm”.

Poroshenko is the final beneficiary of the companies “Feruvita S.L” (Spain) and “Centris Limited” (Gibraltar), the Cyprian “Ri-System Limited”, “Telavyyu Limited” and “Cee Confectionery Investments Limited”, and the limited liability private company “Prime Assets Partners Limited” (British Virgin Islands).

Poroshenko owns shares in “International Investment Bank” with a nominal value of 20,430,000 hryvnia; shares in “Prime Assets Capital” worth 8,190,000 hryvnia; shares in “Joint-Stock Commercial Industrial Investment Bank”; from April 27th 2016 he became the owner of 20,000 shares of “CEE Confectionery Investments Limited” (Nicosia, Cyprus) with a nominal value of 571,163 hryvnia, which were transferred to a third party – Rothschild Trust Schweiz AG (Zurich, Switzerland).

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Since December 2012 Poroshenko lives with his family in a 1331.7 sq.m house in Kozin in the Kiev region, which was acquired for 30 million hryvnia. He owns two land plots in Kozin with a total area of about 34,400 sq.m, and since August 2015 he has rented a 7,500 sq.m. plot from the Kozinsky Village Council.

In Kiev the president has three land plots (worth 8,000,000 hryvnia, 10,860,000 hryvnia, and 21,685,000 hryvnia, acquired in September 2014) and two apartments sized 134 and 82 sq.m. He also has a 68,2 sq.m apartment in Vinnytsia and a 35,3 sq.m. non-residential premise in Odessa.

The president noted down his possession of a Mercedes Vito 116 CDI (it was acquired in December 2010 for 441,143 hryvnia) and a Bayliner 185 BR boat from 2005.

Poroshenko declared a collection of 65 Ukrainian and Russian master paintings from the 19th-20th century, 15 “old master” paintings, 4 contemporary Impressionists and Surrealists artist paintings, 6 sculptures from the 19-20 century, and the sculpture “fisher boy” made by Guglielmo Pugi (209,000 hryvnia), which was purchased in September 2015. He stated Swiss watches and jewellery in his declaration.

In 2017 his wife Marina Poroshenko received 635,346 hryvnia from the bank accounts of Poroshenko. She also deposited 96,156 hryvnia and €4,279 in the “International Investment bank”.

The first lady of Ukraine owns, together with her son – the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Aleksey Poroshenko, a 80,66 sq.m. apartment in Kiev, and she also owns a 1,900 sq.m. land plot and a 344 sq.m. country house in the Borispol district of the Kiev region.

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She owns a Jaguar XF 4/2 Lv8 from October 2008 (it was acquired for 454,646 hryvnia) and a 24 sq.m. garage in Kiev.

Petro Poroshenko and his wife jointly own various pieces of branded furniture, furniture and kitchen sets, sconces and chandeliers, two TVs, a projector, and a grand piano.

Poroshenko’s wife declared a Swiss watch, various pieces of jewellery, two mink coats and a short sable fur coat, as well as Fendi (acquired in September 2014 for 109,000 hryvnia), Dior, and Chanel women’s bags.

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