Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Started a Hunt For “Teacher-Separatists”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich called to establish control over teachers and to reveal those who call for separatism and spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

The head of department reported that she appealed to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for clarification about the possibility to make a list of duties of each teacher and to ensure that the actions of the teacher don’t contradict the main laws of Ukraine.

“If a teacher starts to spread propaganda for Novorossiya, it means that they conducts activity that contradicts the foundations of the State and Constitution. Certainly, there must be proof, for example, audio recordings, because just the words of a child are insufficient — it can also  be slander,” stated the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich.

Teachers are afraid that pupils will deliberately arrange provocations because of unfair, in their opinion, behavior or evaluations, and then spread videos filmed on mobile phones to YouTube.

“Now the ‘shadow’ collection of information is ongoing, both concerning separatism and about an interpretation of certain moments of history, and on religious questions. Always and everywhere there are children who report to parents what was said and by who, who blabbed and who the teacher named and how. This information is transmitted to law enforcement structures. It is my belief that there is a total collection of information now on each person who systematically expresses something,” said the lawyer Ivan Liberman.

At the same time, elements of radicalism are being observed in the educational process. For example, in many schools, during the entrance to class the teacher welcomes the children with the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!”, and pupils answer: “Glory to heroes!” In this way, schoolers are being accustomed to slogans of Ukrainian nationalists.

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