Miroslava Berdnik: I May Not Come Back From SBU Interrogation

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Miroslava Berdnik

My friends,

I always felt your extended hand of support from different corners of the world. I bow to you and show my gratitude.

The time has come when I need your support the most.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016, at 11 am I go for interrogation to the Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. (GSU SBU).

I go voluntarily. I do not exclude that I will not come back – I can be DETAINED.

I’m ready for it. I will take any tribulation with honor and without complaint, despite the terrible state of my health. Although, to be honest, it is more difficult for me due to the fact that my family was dragged into this mess. My husband is being interrogated, and my 22-year-old daughter intimidated.

This is a tactic of intimidation and pressure, and I know it. I had the same experience from the time of the arrest of my father – dissident Oles Berdnik.

I want you to know:
I never welcomed the violent overthrow of the government and never made such calls.

I always express my point of view in the framework of the constitutional right to say what you think. And it is freedom of speech.

With the whole of my heart I worry about Ukraine and everything that happens in the country as a citizen, as a patriot of this country, a deeply religious Orthodox person, as a woman and mother.

I’m not going to leave my country and I’m not going to hide myself. Between the betrayal of my personal convictions and prison I will definitely choose prison.

Without trial and investigation I was already announced as a person that is factually undermining the foundations of national security. I have nothing to fear, I have not committed any crimes against national security.

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What is vulnerable is our national security, if I, a writer, a pacifist, and just a weak sick woman can undermine it only by the fact that I freely express my opinions.

I’m sure that by their actions the SBU violated my rights, the law, and even norms of morality.

They disclosed the data of pre-trial investigation, which endangered my life and the lives of my family. For everything that will happen to me now is their responsibility.

I immediately want to warn everyone: I’m not inclined to suicide, I don’t take any drugs or consume alcohol, I do not suffer from any mental disorders, I am in the right mind, with full memory and a clear conscience.

I will fight for my rights exclusively in the legal field, although I have no illusions about its condition.

For legal assistance I will call upon Elena Lukash and a team of very professional lawyers, about which an agreement was signed. I ask the investigators to only contact Elena Lukash.


Miroslava Berdnik / Dmitry Kulikov

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