Mishustin’s Government: A Focus on Technology

NEW – July 10, 2022

Probably preparing for the accelerated development of the national industry after the normalisation of the monetary policy of the Bank of Russia, the Mishustin government is making increasing efforts in the field of technology development.

Thus, the results of the competitive selection of advanced engineering schools have been summed up, they will be created in 15 regions (including, for example, the Pskov region, which is not at all known in this field) on the basis of 30 leading technical universities in Russia.

The federal project “Advanced Engineering Schools” includes 25 universities subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science, 3 – to the Ministry of Health, 1 – to the Ministry of Agriculture and 1 – to the Ministry of Digital Development. Their grant support from the state is 2.5 billion rubles. About 4 billion rubles more will be added by partner corporations, which will be targeted by graduates. The selected universities will graduate the first 2,500 specialists in 2024. The largest number is represented by the Volga Region (9 universities), Central (8, including 7 in Moscow) and the North-Western Federal District (5). Fourth place is occupied by the Siberian Federal District (4), and the fifth – by the Southern Federal District (2). In the Far Eastern and Ural Federal Districts, 1 university was selected.

By 2024, 28,000 teachers will have advanced training and internships in high-tech companies at selected universities. More than 1,000 grants will be allocated for internships, as well as more than 500 new advanced engineering training programs developed by universities together with large corporations – technology partners.

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Among the latter are Kamaz, Roscosmos, Almaz-Antey, Sibur, Gazprom Neft, Tatneft, Norilsk Telecom, United Engine Corporation, Electrical Equipment Plant, and United Instrument Corporation. In total, there are more than 40 of them, they operate in mechanical engineering, chemical industry, aviation and rocket and space technology, nuclear power, medical instrumentation, bio-and information technologies.

The federal project “Advanced Engineering Schools” is just an element of one of the 42 strategic initiatives of the Mishustin government, part of the “Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation” state program.

Prime Minister Mishustin signed a decree on extending the special credit program of strategic organizations to enterprises of the rocket and space industry and nuclear energy.

Its terms and conditions were also expanded: it became possible to pay for imports and goods under factoring agreements with a loan.

This loan program was launched in mid-March to support enterprises. Its participants can receive a loan at a preferential rate of up to 11% per annum to support their activities. One company can receive up to 10 billion rubles a year, and a group of companies – up to 30 billion rubles. 120 billion rubles have already been allocated for the implementation of the program of concessional lending.

The Mishustin government is also making significant efforts to simplify the interaction of business with the state. Thus, until the end of 2022, companies operating under separate state or municipal contracts will be allowed to pay their counterparties directly, without opening a personal account with the Federal Treasury.

This will simplify and speed up your work. Thus, the bank accounts of suppliers of building materials and equipment, the costs of which are included in the estimate, will be transferred not only payment for delivery, but also advances under contracts.

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Benefits are also provided to the tourist business. Thus, the Mishustin government exempted from VAT for five years tourist facilities that were put into operation (including after reconstruction) after January 1, 2022.

The government allocated 1.1 billion rubles to continue work in the new tourist cluster of Kronstadt (reconstruction of forts, creation of new tourist facilities and spaces).

The construction of high-speed roads has already become an important factor in the development of the economy (including domestic tourism). So, the Mishustin government allocated another 28 billion rubles for the construction of the M-12 highway, and this is after in April of this year it turned out that in two years of construction it rose in price by 100 billion, and its cost exceeded 800 billion rubles.

This rise in price is caused not only by the rise in the cost of building materials and works, but also by the development of the highway itself: The original Moscow-Kazan route was extended to Ekaterinburg, and now to Tyumen.

Prime Minister Mishustin approved the rules for connecting new buildings to telecommunications networks, according to which, even at the design stage, all the necessary infrastructure should be provided for connecting not only telephone and television, but also the Internet, so that providers can connect the house to their networks immediately after commissioning.

The Mishustin government’s comprehensive focus on technology development raises hopes for a comprehensive modernisation of Russia.

Mikhail Delyagin

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