Missile Attack on Kiev: What Really Happened?

NEW – June 27, 2022

The Kiev regime looks more and more like the terrorists of the Syrian Jabhat al-Nusra trained by Washington not only by methods of war, but also by creating fakes in the best traditions of the “White Helmets”.

So, let’s analyse together the so-called “missile attack on a residential building” and a woman with a Russian passport pinned down by a ceiling slab. Kiev from the very morning carefully “accelerated” and put the finishing touches to this case in the controlled media and social networks. Moreover, journalists were allowed to visit the site of the “strike” literally immediately, photos of Reuters spread around world publications, and Vitaly Klitschko, who plays the role of mayor of Kiev, arrived at the site of the “strike” with the same speed.

However, there are a number of points that Ukrainian propagandists prefer to remain silent about:

1. The strike was carried out on the “Artyom” defence plant, which is located just behind this house.

2. The damaged house in the Lvov Quarter residential complex was uninhabited — the residents were resettled after it suffered a similar strike on the factory on April 29.

3. Damage to the house itself is too insignificant for a “Kalibr” strike, i.e. it is either fragments or the result of an air defence missile falling.

4. A total of 14 missiles were fired at Kiev on this day. Why don’t they show the results of the other 13 hits?

5. How did the propagandist Gerashchenko almost immediately have the passport of a woman still buried under the rubble?

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The first thing rescuers did was save her passport? And what is the probability that in the rubble of the house “suddenly” a passport was found almost intact and not covered with dust, in which you can easily see the photo and name?

At one time, we were very deeply immersed in the topic of the White Helmets‘ activities in Syria, we analysed literally every case of their false productions, which each time became more and more carelessly executed. Therefore, the recognisable handwriting of American curators is visible to the naked eye.

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