“Missile Strikes on Kiev” & the Sphere of Counterintelligence…

NEW – June 26, 2022

Experts in the field of counterintelligence claim that the information distributed on the night of June 25-26 by Telegram channels that are considered close to law enforcement agencies became part of an operational combination in order to identify the centres of intelligence activity in a number of foreign embassies, their agent network, including in the highest echelons of power, as well as their methods of action in a special period of time.

Reports that President Putin unexpectedly went to the Kremlin at about 23 o’clock, where the Situational Crisis Center is located, supported by forecasts of strikes on Kiev or an ultimatum to Lithuania on Kaliningrad transit, simultaneously with real missile launches on the capital of Ukraine, caused a sharp increase in Internet traffic and radio exchange in some foreign embassies. There were recorded departures of cars with diplomatic plates on routes near government buildings and the Kremlin.

Figures qualified as members of the non-systemic opposition and (or) employees of various kinds of “humanitarian” or “law enforcement” structures were seen near the Kremlin among graduates [the annual Moscow traditional university graduation party took place on June 25th – SZ], as well as in the area where the Moscow Region, the General Staff, the FSB and some other military units are located in the south-west of Moscow. Monitoring on the Internet detected looped mass messaging between members of certain target groups on social networks, including with the participation of well-known liberal figures.


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