“Mobile Hospital” Banderist Live on Ukrainian TV Admitted to Giving the Order to Castrate Captured Russian Soldiers: “They Are Cockroaches, Not People”

NEW – March 21, 2022

On the all-Ukrainian TV channel “Ukraine 24” (owner – Rinat Akhmetov), the head of the military medical service tells about the fact that an instruction was given to castrate wounded Russian soldiers, because they are “cockroaches, not people”. All this is on the program of the former host of “old NTV”, liberal darling “Zhenya” Kiselyov.

In the role of Dr. Mengele is a certain Gennady Druzenko. As he is presented by Zhenya Kiselyov, a former specialist in constitutional law, a Maidan activist, a participant in the ATO, and now the head of the mobile hospital project.

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