“Moderate” Cannons Deliver “Hope” to…Obama?

By Ollie Richardson

While the western media still, after 5 years of war, harps on about Assad’s imaginary barrel bombs falling from the sky, they for some reason fail to commend the brave efforts of the “moderate” rebels in “assisting” the humanitarian cause in Aleppo. Their “aid” cannons seemingly give civilians the “hope” they need to escape the “evil” Assad. More about this “hope” from our “exceptional” Jihadist correspondent Clarissa Ward and “Arab spring” expert Robert Ford from an August 18th 2016 broadcast:


So, according to Mr Ford, the Obama administration is too focused on fighting ISIS (a lie since the majority of ISIS’ remaining presence is around Palmyra and Deir Ezzor, where Russia is fighting them), and is unwilling to get involved in the Syrian “Civil War” (another lie since the US and friends created and fund all “moderate” groups). He also states that ISIS is a product of the “Civil War”… Iraq, anyone?

In any case, Mr Ford will be very familiar with what exactly is going on in the recently filmed video below from Aleppo, since he is the reason these “FSA” groups exist in the first place. The media wants its viewers to believe that it is Assad who besieges towns – but if these “moderate” cannons are delivering “aid” to Assad-held and not ISIS or Al Qaeda areas, why doesn’t the media report this? The answer is in the question, of course…

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