“Moderate” Mouthpiece: Russia Is Bombing “Our Own Assets”

By Ollie Richardson

Brookings Institute’s own Charles Lister – notorious mouthpiece for Qatari backed “moderate” rebels and straight up headchoppers like al-Nusra – has once again committed a faux-pas in public. For those unfamiliar with Charles, it is recommended to delve into his Twitter archives and videos to witness the circus at hand.

On this occasion, Harry “Jihad” Potter says that, due to the US’ weakness, Russia is bombing “our own assets”:

“Our own assets?” Just who could he be referring to?

These “assets” who put Alawites in cages to act as human shields?

These “assets” who beheaded a 12 year old boy, as his father was suspected of being in the Syrian Army?

Or perhaps these “assets” who mocked and dragged the victims of the Mi-8 shootdown in Idlib?


Don’t worry – Charles confirmed what “assets” he is referring to in this past video. Why UK Channel 4 gave Eliot Higgins’ best friend airtime is a question in itself:

Meanwhile CNN’s Clarissa Ward recently insisted at the UNSC “Islamists” were part of the solution – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in regards to State Department shills quite clearly…

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