The “Very Modest” Income Declaration of “Poor” Petro Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared his income for 2015 and declared that all valuable movable and immovable property was acquired before he became President.

In the declaration of the President for the year 2015 published in the unified state register of declarations of ownership, one house, five plots of land, three apartments and non-residential premises appear. In addition, the ownership of the Ukrainian leader includes a collection of 65 paintings by Ukrainian and Russian artists of the XIX-XX century, 15 “old master paintings”, and 4 paintings from the collection of contemporary painting and sculpture collection. Also Poroshenko declared wristwatches, jewellery, a leather coat, stocks, and corporate rights.

According to the declaration, Poroshenko is the beneficial owner of more than 100 companies. At the principal place of work Poroshenko in 2015 received 121,054 hryvnia. In addition, he gained profit from the interest in the bank to the amount of 12,375,000 hryvnia, a thousand hryvnia in the form of income from expropriation of securities and corporate rights, 984,834 hryvnia — investment income from redemption of government bonds, and 48,681,000 hryvnia of investment returns from the exchange rate difference from the maturity of bonds of internal state loans.

According to the declaration, the Ukrainian President keeps his savings in the “International Investment Bank”: he has on his accounts 540,478 hryvnia, 26,325,000 dollars and 14,372 euros. In addition, the President highlighted 8.19 million hryvnias of contributions to the investment fund “Prime Assets Capital”. According to the document, he lent to third parties 1.111 million hryvnia, and 3.85 million dollars. He has in cash 60,000 dollars and 900,000 hryvnias.

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Of movable property Poroshenko owns a Mercedes-benz, Bayliner boat, and leases a BMW and Range Rover. Also, the Ukrainian President declared a garage, four residential homes, a recreation facility, four plots, two Mercedes-benz and shares as “another right of use”.

In the common property with his wife, Maria Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President has an apartment, furniture and lamps, a chandelier, homemade dry cleaning, a projector, fireplace set, table clock, a piano, and carpets. His wife has in her ownership a plot of land, a country house, a wrist watch, numerous pieces of jewellery, three fur coats, bags, and a Jaguar. Maria Poroshenko earned in 2015 88,772 hryvnia, she keeps in the bank 71,146 hryvnia and 8,943 dollars. All the property of the Poroshenko family is located on the territory of Ukraine.

On his page on Facebook Poroshenko noted that he had acquired all his property before his presidency. “As for my declaration, I want to notice that all the valuable movable and immovable property: housing, land, cars, paintings, jewellery were purchased (not leased) before the presidency,” he noted.

As for the companies that he is the beneficiary of, the politician noted that all of them were created at the time when he was engaged in business and only one new company was created in 2014, this is Roshen. Regarding keeping money in the bank, Poroshenko said that he does it by “principle” and from every cent he paid taxes to the budget of Ukraine.

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