Monument to Poles Who Died During WWII Was Destroyed in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Galina Zaporozhtseva

I ask to convey fraternal salutations to Poland and to remind them who extinguished the furnace in Auschwitz!

And while they are suffering from amnesia, the monuments of their compatriots, Banderists write inscriptions: “Glory to Ukraine”!!!

Yesterday it was reported that in Western Ukraine a monument to Poles who died during the Second world war was destroyed:

In the morning of January 8th in Ukraine, unknown persons blew up and desecrated a monument to Poles who died during World War II.

Civilians of the village of Guta Penyatskaya were killed in 1944 by Ukrainian punishers from the voluntary SS Galicia division and UPA. At the time, these lands belonged to Poland, but today they are the Brodovsky district of the Lvov region of Ukraine. During punisher operations, about 1000 people died, most of them were burnt alive in a church. Where there used to be the village, there was only the ashes of houses.

On 8th January, the monument to the killed Poles was blown up, and on its elements inscriptions – slogans characteristic of modern Ukrainian nationalist formations – appeared. Now the investigation team tries to determine the type of explosive device used at the place of the explosion, and to establish other details of the committed crime.

It should be noted that in October of last year one of the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists Dmitry Korchinsky announced the similar attitude to the Polish monuments in the territory of those lands that were previously Polish. The leader of the nationalist association “Brotherhood” declared that it is necessary to dismantle the Polish monuments in Ukraine as well as those that symbolize the Soviet regime.

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The prejudiced attitude to everything in general that is reminiscent of the Polish period of history of the lands of Western Ukraine is characteristic of Ukrainian nationalists. Korchinsky is just the most frank. So, already during Viktor Yushchenko’s presidency the Lvov regional council tasked the administration of the region to conduct an inventory of memorial signs that, according to deputies, had “military or anti-Ukrainian content”. First of all implied were monuments in Guta Penyatskaya and the cemetery of Lvov “eaglets”. They were supposed to be dismantled if the Polish authorities didn’t agree to restore the memorial sign of UPA on the Hreshchata mountain.

Today everything that triggers a memory about Poland is under the threat of attack by modern Ukrainian Nazis. For the present generation of successors of Hitler’s collaborates, the Polish memorial complexes are an undoubted irritating factor.

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