Monuments to Perished Russian Soldiers Will Be Erected in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Syrian parliamentarians, who came to Russia at the invitation of the head of the parliamentary group on relations with the parliament of the Syrian Arab Republic, the first deputy chairman of “FIGHTING BROTHERHOOD” Dmitry Sablin met the families of the Russian military personnel who perished in Syria. Sablin conducted for them a tour of the museum of the veterans organization, and spoke about the heroes who fought against terrorists on the Syrian territory.

“Here we gathered everything that we don’t speak loudly about,” said the deputy of the State Duma. “Everyone understand that this is a war – a common one: for Syria and for Russia, and for the future of the whole world”. He recalled the words of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad: “I can’t imagine how Russians will fight for Russia, if they fight for Syria like this!”

The Syrian parliamentarians asked to meet the families of the dead during the last visit of Dmitry Sablin to the Syrian Arab Republic.

The ambassador of Damascus in Moscow Riad Haddad in turn expressed deep gratitude to the soldiers for their disinterested help to the Syrian people.

“We are gathered today to express our admiration for the heroism of the Russian soldiers who opposed international, cross-border terrorism. Let them rest in peace. The Kingdom of Heaven to them and their heroically perished Syrian friends who we also admire. Their blood mixed in with the Syrian soil,” said Haddad. According to him, “the heroes gave the lives for the sake of defending not only Syria, but also Russia,” because the Syrian Arab Republic is now, in fact, the “advanced front of the Russian Federation”.

Haddad spoke about the last words of the Senior Lieutenant Aleksandr Prokhorenko, who, being surrounded by terrorists in Palmyra, called an airstrike on himself: “I can’t, commander, I am surrounded, they are here, I don’t want them to take me and drag me off to captivity. I request an attack from the air. I want these bastards to die together with me. They are here. It is the end, comrade commander. Thank you! Tell my family and my country that I was brave and that I fought, but I can’t do anything more. Please, take care of my family and tell them that I very much love them”. “And today we promise all our dead that we will get revenge,” said the Syrian ambassador.

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The Syrian parliamentarian Osama Mustafa expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the dead on behalf of the people of the country.

“They showed miracles in the fight against terrorism. The Syrian people and future generations will always remember the heroism of your relatives,” said Mustafa while addressing the relatives of the Russian military personnel. He low bowed as a token of gratitude.

The chairman of the All-Russian public organization of families of perished defenders of the Motherland Tatyana Ruban said that the present meeting is very important for the relatives of the fallen. She thanked Dmitry Sablin for participating in their destiny.

“I promise on behalf of the ‘Fighting brotherhood’ that we will erect a monument at the place of death of your husbands and sons,” said Sablin during a meeting with the families of the Russian military personnel who died in Syria. He added that on each monument there will be inscriptions in both the Russian and Arabic languages.


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