More S-400 for Turkey, Less Globalism for the Whole World

In what is quite an extraordinary remark, especially coming from a diplomat, the current Russian Ambassador to Turkey Aleksey Erkhov, who replaced Andrey Karlov in 2017 after the latter was assassinated by the deep web of agents at the disposal of the CIA, stated in an interview with CNN Turk on June 6th 2020 concerning the S-400 delivery to Ankara: “Let’s imagine I’m a car seller and you wanted to buy a vehicle from me. We got the money and sold the vehicle to you. This vehicle is yours. Whether you go to the beach, carry potatoes, or install a machine gun on it, join a war, it’s your natural right to keep it in the garage”.

In other words: we already have your money, so it’s all the same to us what you do with the SAM system. As cynical as it might sound at first, he is completely correct. Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 system was a one-way transaction, and not only in a financial sense. From the moment the contact was signed by the Turkish and Russian Ministries of Defence, Turkey and its statehood ceased to be cemented in the geopolitical place that it has resided in for over 100 years. The landing of the Russian Air Force in Syria in the autumn of 2015 sent a shockwave across the entire mantle of globalism and US hegemony.

The survival of this hegemony, which is packaged in the ultra-vague “defending our freedoms” wrapper and sold to the tax payer via the 3-letter networks owned by the military-industrial complex and accomplice lobbies, depended on the following cycle:

  • creation of debt bubbles/inflation and the perpetual siphoning of the wealth of “plebs” to Wall Street and friends (at the same time domestic resources become more and more depleted);
  • provocation of a world war to “reset” the domestic (US) economic situation, i.e., when the plebs can’t be milked anymore and all attempts to eliminate a major geopolitical enemy hit a brick wall;
  • pillaging the resources of the “loser” in the aforementioned world war, thus, in theory, compensating for the exponential evaporation of domestic resources;
  • since the core of the feudal system remains unchanged, the debt bubbles start to inflate again, and the cycle repeats.

Within the framework of post-9/11 globalism, it’s not just domestic “plebs” who are sucked dry, but also geopolitical “allies”. Indeed, the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels squeeze the udders of EU member states until no more sauce comes out. The US’ myriad of financial hijackers, such as the IMF and World Bank, controls their respective economies, and the NATO membership imposed on the victim countries ensures that there can be no anti-US putsches. And outside of the EU, it is “supervisors” like AFRICOM and the array of US embassies that work hard to keep this cycle fruit-bearing.

Of course, the more pillaging abroad the US does, the more it exposes itself. Being confident in its ability to keep the International Criminal Court to heel, Washington impudently didn’t even care to clean up the scenes of its crimes, with blood trails leading west from every longitude-latitude combination.

However, what the US did to Gaddafi, with an unprecedented-in-human-history level of brutality and sadism, didn’t go unnoticed by even the most servile vassal of the dollar. The message was clear: nobody is safe from MQ-9 Reaper drones and “democracy” – and if needs be, a path to “civilisation” like the one paved on top of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can easily be laid elsewhere.

In 2016 the CIA’s Gulen agent network tried to depose Erdogan and prevent rapprochement with Tehran and Moscow. The only reason the coup failed is because of the intelligence help Turkey received from the such nodes of multipolarity. This failed attempt to encroach on Ankara’s sovereignty and carry out liberal “regime change” was indeed a gamble for the US, but it had no choice – Russia was, and still is, outflanking Washington not only in the geographically important Turkey, but also in continents that were once considered to be the US’ backyard thanks to such colonial policies as the Monroe Doctrine. In South America, Venezuela has joined the “axis of resistance” and become a latino version of Syria – a stronghold against neoliberalism. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight – the USSR persisted in making inroads to Cuba and even made the US soil its underwear in 1962.

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The consequences – at the time of writing – of the attempt to oust Erdogan ending in failure:

  • Completion of the Turk Stream pipeline;
  • Launch of a Russian-language TV channel in Turkey;
  • More room to manoeuvre for Russia in Libya (since the US electoral race has effectively frozen the situation in northeast Syria, Ankara and Moscow reached an agreement to thin out the Nusra herd in Idlib and send a large number of “FSA” militants across the Mediterranean);
  • Deployment of S-400;
  • Non-stop quarrelling with the US over the future of Incirlik;
  • Etc.

And now we read this:

“Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries Ismail Demir has announced that Moscow and Ankara reached an agreement in principle on the delivery of the second batch of Russian S-400 air defence systems. The Turkish official said that the two countries only need to clarify the details on the transfer of technology and the roadmap for the joint production of the system’s parts in Turkey.”

Is this just another delivery of potato storage facilities, another payday for the Almaz Central Design Bureau, or is it something more?

Yep. It’s something more – much, much more. It boils down to this:

Deliberately instigating a world war is no longer an option for the US. It would lose far more than it would gain – and in fact, it would most likely be wiped off the face of the earth. Russia’s modern military capabilities are decades ahead of the US, and this will not change in the next 100 years, at least.

At the same time, the days of the west consisting of a consolidated liberal bloc are over. As soon as the US started to spew its so-called “anti-Russia” (in reality – anti-German) sanctions from every orifice, European businesses started to exert serious pressure on their political leaders, demanding they put domestic trade ahead of being a globalist laptop in the list of national priorities. In this regard, Nord Stream 2 is Germany’s equivalent of a S-400 purchase.

As a result of this fragmentation of the western status quo, more and more opportunities open up for Russia in terms of striking the rear of the west. As is pretty evident by now, liberalism cannot be sunk by an external player. Russia cannot kill what it did not create. Just like how it cannot kill Banderism, because ideologies reside in the mind, which doesn’t actually exist, Moscow cannot bomb the west into the dinosaur era, reward all “pro-Russia” social media fighters with that frequently demanded pay cheque signed by Putin (because, apparently, some posts were made with photos of Putin with a puppy or because they shared an RT article once), and then stand back and admire the post-liberalism paradise it has given birth to. No, the west and its very sick head can only be liquidated by… the same west and its very sick head.

And here we are, in the summer of 2020, still wondering when it is going to happen, when the big implosion is going to light up the sky, and when such “feat’s of post-modernity as gender-neutralism are going to be neutralised. At the same time, nobody seems to know “what comes next”. As a rule, the more anxious the person is vis-a-vis this question, the more they don’t want capitalism to disappear anywhere. After all, a child is reluctant to give up their comfort blanket, until one day mother just takes it and disposes of it. But who “mother” is in the west is anyone’s guess. It’s not the land, because there is no concept of the “Motherland” in the Anglo-Saxon world. In this regard, the only concept that exists is raping the Mother-land of others (hello Freud). It’s also not the Virgin Mary, since the west long became non-religious – or rather, its new religion became consumerism.

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And it definitely is not Mother nature, for the Thunberg-loving liberals don’t bat an eyelid when Lockheed Martin drops depleted Uranium, white phosphorus, hydrogen bombs, etc on Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea, etc, which of course, is always “worth it”.

It is here that one can learn basic things about Russia. For example: the US has sought for so long to destroy Russia. It cannot do it from the outside, mostly because Russian people will never kiss somebody’s shoes, so alas it tries to incite Russians to destroy themselves. Hence Nuland’s cookies. Hence the endless attempts to draw Russia troops into Donbass. Hence the stream of investments made by Washington in fifth columnist like Navalny.

But doesn’t Russia, a nuclear superpower, also do the same to the US, also a nuclear superpower? No. America doesn’t have anything Russia would want or need. Russia has its own resources. Russia has its own culture. Russia has its own history. Russia has its own language. Russia has its own nation. Russia is Russia. Rus. On the other hand, America is what exactly? A bastard colonisation project of London? An entity that has been involved in war for the vast majority of its short existence? When liberals say that Russia “meddles” or destabilises western countries, they very much flatter themselves.

Russia repels aggressors, with the full moral and legal justification to do so. After having sent fascism packing from inside Soviet territory, and then liberating the whole planet from Nazi Germany, losing more than 27 million people in the process, the Red Army turned around and headed east, back home. Back to their Motherland. NATO barks about the Soviet occupation of this or that territory, whilst at the same time occupying Europe and aiming American missiles at Russia, using the European continent as a human shield. And we also hear that NATO has “borders”….

Taking into account everything mentioned above, it should become easier to understand why:

  • Russia doesn’t bomb Kiev;
  • Russia doesn’t storm Libya Hollywood-style and “make up for the mistake it made in 2011” (a quote from social media “experts” with zero experience in high-level diplomacy and international relations);
  • Russia doesn’t nuke Tel Aviv and/or use S-400/S-300 to shoot down Israeli jets (and even Nusra toy drones) in Syria;
  • Russia will not launch Topol-M at the White House and bring a golden age;
  • etc.

Indeed, these are all paraphrased versions of the different views frequently voiced on the “pro-Russia” side of social media. It’s apparently too difficult to understand the way geopolitical systems work, so Putin should spare the poor Twitter “celebrity” the bother of having to grasp basic framework of logic and just bomb everything. It’s better this way. That way, nobody has to lift a finger; somebody else will “repair it all”. Incidentally, we can see all the “great” things that ethos brings right now in the US, where everyone wants their slice of the “American dream”, and they’ll stomp their feet (to the beat of Soros’ metronome), loot, and scream “Black Lives Matter” until they get it. Naturally, they have no interest in actually demolishing Wall Street. God no. They themselves want to the the Wolf of Wall Street, albeit a black version.

So, once again, Russia finds itself in a position where it has to mobilise outside of its borders to repel the same aggressor. But this time it doesn’t involve tank columns, in fact it doesn’t involve something tangible. It is the battle for the mind. The militants of liberalism are in all four corners of the planet. Some, known as crypto-liberals, aren’t even aware that they are part of this army. They are easy to spot: they whine and complain all the time, at the same time offering no solution better than the one being implemented by those whom they criticise.

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Russia uses its english-language state media to deflect the bulk of the simulacrum bombs being fired from different angles. Whether it be the White Helmets, MH-17, Skripals, etc – these are all different fronts of the “hybrid” war. And what’s most important here is that Russia doesn’t need to “bring the truth out” in order to win. It can’t. The game here is rigged, which is why the west resorted to all these false flags – they knew they could get away with it. In order to win, Russia just needed to remain standing (import substitution), strengthen its domestic economy (step-by-step dumping of the dollar), and consolidate its social situation (constitution amendments). The west is doomed to slip into “hybrid” civil war. It’s already happening.

And it all started with the S-400 deployment in Syria. The great enigma, which no social media “analyst” seems to understand. It hasn’t launched anything (yet), but all antagonists – from Israel to the Gulf regimes, from the US to Germany – are already on the retreat. A few token airstrikes against Hezbollah warehouses? I already wrote about it. Occupation of northeast Syria’s oil wells? That will disappear after the US election.

After definitely ending the western threat posed to Syrian statehood, Moscow’s mission became the stage-by-stage ousting of the US from different key nodes of the modern system of international relations. Today they are: Turkey, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq. Russia solves the Ukraine problem via issuing passports across the territory, in preparation for the gradual (starting with Donetsk and Lugansk) integration of different Ukrainian regions. It solves the Libyan problem by superimposing its pragmatic relationship with Turkey onto the Libyan battlefield, gradually involving other players, such as Egypt, in a settlement, filling the vacuum left by the US as a result of the decrease in Washington’s influence in the region. Russia needs a stable Libya, not one that is a Russian vassal, thus winning this war outright is not at all an objective.

It solves the Iraqi problem by being patient and giving Iran room to manoeuvre in all areas of the Middle East (and even in parallel theatres like Venezuela). Another layer to all of this is the financial assistance rendered by China, which happily provides investments and reduces the burden on Moscow. And it solves the Turkish problem by making sure that it cannot escape from the hole it dug itself when it downed a Sukhoi jet in 2015. The bill will be paid – in full. And here I’m not talking about a monetary debt, but a moral one. Russia always makes sure that moral debts are paid back. Always. Well, of course, it needs the straits too, but that should be evident.

As long as Erdogan is under the threat of a CIA coup, he will keep on doing business with Moscow. Dealings at the moment involve trading a piece of Idlib for a piece of S-400. Once upon a time Langley could’ve thought to deploy the the Hong Kong scenario in Turkey, but not any more. That ship has sailed. China showed the world how to quell this new(ish) form of colour revolution. In fact, the more aggressive the US bullies other nations, the more likely they are to pivot to Moscow in the long term. The Russian Army has an unparalleled track record at combatting terrorism. And the ultimate bargaining chip is a deterrent that the Pentagon’s supercomputers don’t dare call into question.

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