“Moronic Hundred” Didn’t Die in Vain

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Sometimes I find myself watching the Ukrainian media. I have to admit, it is a very unpleasant activity, it’s like walking in canvas boots knee-deep in manure. But it is necessary.

In general I try to watch news of a socio-economic orientation, which is my main domain, not venturing into propaganda filth. But in the broadcast appears idiotic headlines, and moronic statements by politicians, and the no less degenerative actions of “patriots”.

So, the last couple of weeks I see a very notable trend. Every second one who speaks considers it his duty to obligatory plant in a conversation that the “Heavenly hundred did not die in vain.”

And this is not just a figure of speech. Apparently, the Ukrainian society has serious doubts about it. That’s why they are obliged all the time to say “not in vain”, trying to convince the population.

Of course, for those who say it, the “revolution of sh*t” was beneficial. And as the “heavenly hundred” died in order so that mediocre and obscure nobodies became deputies, officials, “activists”, and “volunteers”, that’s why they are sure that it was not in vain. From their point of view, their personal well-being became better.

It became personally better for Poroshenko, Parubiy, Yatsenyuk, Bereza, Biletsky, Tymoshenko, Lutsenko, Sadovoy and the list goes on.

But regarding Ukraine as a country – law and order, the economy and social sphere, production and demography, the ability of citizens for self-realization (career, knowledge, sports, art, spiritual development), their rights, freedoms, and standards of living all became much worse.

And the deaths of the “moronic hundred”, who were shot in the back by snipers of Pashinsky and Parubiy, contributed to this directly.

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The only thing the Ukrainians are ahead of the world in is the technologies of suggestion, of suggestion and auto-suggestion.

That’s why every time you receive sky-high bills for utilities, tell yourself “it was worth it.” When you look at your miserable wages or pension, repeat, “but it is without Yanukovych.” When the next coffins arrive in your city from Donbass, reiterate “Europe is with us”. When the whole world behaves towards Ukrainians like miserable beggars, considering them to be already worse than the Romanians and Gypsies, be proud that “you are not a Moskal.” When for six months you can not find work – at least you are free. When another batch of garbage comes to you city from Lvov  – rejoice that you start to join European civilization.

All in all, you understand the principle. It’s not important that you are poor and disenfranchised slaves, sitting in ruins and piles of garbage, but despite this you are real  Europeans, free and civilized.

And all is not in vain. You need to be patient, instead of you it is your children who will have a better future – perhaps in twenty-five years, they (if they survive) will live like under Yanukovych. No, the moronic hundred didn’t die in vain. Not in vain.

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