Moscow Police Busted One of Navalny’s Troll Farms

A small inside from Navalny’s internal kitchen, which yesterday was a little bit scattered by the carrying out of a masked raid against his paid commenters.

The Telegram channel “Krasovsky’s Little Dogs” reported that in Moscow a factory that posted made-to-order comments, presumably, of the blogger Aleksey Navalny, was busted.

It is known that the detention of trolls, probably of Aleksey Navalny, happened via a masked raid.

Online instruction manuals made by so-called “oppositionists”, in which they call for mass riots, were published before the illegal rally on July 27th. At the same time, the public started to complain about an aggravation on social networks, “Navalnyists” posyed a large number of comments in different groups and chats.

Hidden cameras were found in the improvised office, which, as we know, is not completely legal. In addition, this says a lot about the level of trust Aleksey Navalny has towards his tamed trolls.

Concerning their direct work, things are even steeper – not 100, but closer to 1,000, if not more, bot accounts were at the disposal of “Navalnyists”. Besides this, the authorities say that this is not the only such troll farm.

So here is how an a very small group of young people create statements allegedly on behalf of public opinion in Russia.

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