Moscow: The Patriotic “Day of the Russian Flag” Crushed the Liberals

The liberal public showed itself in all its glory, having confirmed the opinion of Russians that the “democrat” schizos had to see a shrink long ago.

On social networks the strained crying of representatives of the so-called non-systemic opposition, for who August 24th’s festive gathering is like a knife in the heart, can be heard.

Well, how come?! Over 100,000 people gathered on Academika Sakharova Avenue to take part in a rally-concert, organised on the occasion of the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the Russian tri-colour flag. It was a significant day that showed how strongly Russians love their country. Russophobes, for who western handouts are like a god-send, are horrified.

The father of Dmitry Gudkov, who is sat in jail because of making appeals to riot at unsanctioned rallies, publishes posts on Twitter, trying to convince users that the gathering was small. The colleagues of Gudkov Jr. assure that “state employees” wearing, according to the order, in “holiday undershirts” participated in the event.

The photographer of the blogger Aleksey Navalny, a certain Evgeny Feldman, spent a long time looking for angles that allow him to take photos showing the minimum number of people. The opposition needs precisely such photos for social networks in order to say: look, there were no people there and you just lie about it. The author of the Telegram channel “Boroda Veshchayet” published a photo from the rally, having written that it is to be handed over to Feldman, who alone is not able to choose the right angle.

Further, crazy liberals worked by the principle “a lie will always spawn a bigger lie”, hammering social networks with fakes about a mass meeting composed of state employees driven to a rally under the threat of being fired or for money (500 rubles).

The anti-Russian agency “Meduza” assured every hour that people were leaving the rally. The reality for them was too offensive.

Certain representatives of the liberal family tried to stand in single pickets, but were simply ignored. The pilots who landed a defective airplane on a corn field, having managed to save lives of passengers, appeared on the stage at that time. The silly picketers are yet to realise the fact that true heroism and love for the country is something that the henchmen of Navalny, Sobol, Gudkov, and an other abominations will never achieve.

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Compare the celebration of the Day of the Russian flag and support for Sobol at rallies: sky and earth; the patriotism of Russians and the jerkiness of mad liberals. However, the incontinence of liberals can be understood: the rally took place on the “sacred earth” of Navalny lovers, where their guru earlier delivered pretentious and confused speeches.

Surprisingly, liberals on such a day are not capable of being cheerful. Russian citizenship for them is just a stamp in the passport and nothing more. Their soul and giblets are in the West, therefore everything is bad for them in Russia: the authorities are not the same, the holidays are not the same, and the people are “cattle deprived of civil rights” forced to attend a festive concert. And, most importantly, the lack of a political agenda! This is truly a crime for schizo “democrats”.

And here backwards Russophobes descend into verbal diarrhoea, trying to denigrate everything that is dear to every Russian who loves their country and respects its history. They denigrate the feats of heroes, they try to discredit the Russian authorities, accusing it of propaganda. And thus the liberals slide to the level of the Nazis, destroying everything that was contrary to their ideology. It is time to recognise that Navalny lovers and those like them want to build not “Beautiful Russia of the future” [the name of Navalny’s party – ed], but a new Reich.


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