Moscow’s Asymmetrical Response to the Czech “Marshal Konev” Monument Demolition

The Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of Russia proposed to rename the Moscow metro station “Prague” as “Marshal Konev” station

A letter requesting support for such an initiative was sent to the head of the Defence Ministry Sergey Shoigu. According to the members of the Public Council, such a decision will be a response to the dismantling of the monument to the Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev in Prague.

It is noteworthy that the order for the demolition of the monument was given not by the Parliament of the Czech Republic, not by the President or Prime Minister, but only by the Chief/Gauleiter of Prague-6 district Ondřej Kolář. It was at his behest that the monument was pulled off the pedestal by a crane under the video cameras, knocked to the ground, and then taken away.

The descendants of Hitler’s Czech assistants fulfilled their long dream and demolished a monument to those who defeated both their ancestors and the masterss of their ancestors, the ancestors of their present masters. They also resent the criticism:

It’s like saying:“This is, allegedly, an initiative of local self-government and here we cannot intervene, it would be undemocratic. And in general, on the territory of the Russian Federation the war memorials of the fallen Czechoslovak legionaries have not yet been restored…”

But why in a “democratic country” are political decisions made by “democratic municipalities”, whose task is to paint fences and mow lawns? And tomorrow they will erect a monument dedicated to Hitler ? And the Czech government will remain tolerantly silent?

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And what memorials are we talking about in Russia? And for what purpose did the Czechoslovak Legionaries fight in Russia? What, did the Czechs liberate Russia? They meddled in the fratricidal war and profited well from it. The Legionaries on the territory of the Volga region and Siberia were looters and bandits. What memorials?

A counter question for the Czechs: if in Russia the decision was made to dismantle all Czech Legion memorials, let us say, by a village council – it would be normal and democratic? And how would the Poles feel knowing that the local authorities will demolish a commemorative symbol near Smolensk at the site of the death of the Polish president?

Instead of a resume

The Czech Legion collected 25% of all German tanks, 26% of trucks, and 40% of small arms. In addition to weapons production, Czech engineers were constantly developing new models. So, the self-propelled “Hetzer” of Czech design turned out to be the most successful self-propelled gun of the Wehrmacht.

The Czech worked diligently for Germany up to the very end. The productivity of industrial workers was not inferior to that of German workers. It is interesting that the main workshops of Prague’s weapons factories rose only on May 5th, 1945 – three days after the Red Army took Berlin (!), when the freedom-loving Czechs finally realised that it was completely pointless to rivet weapons for Germany, that the work would not be paid for, and thus roused in Prague a rare “timely” uprising.

They should have been subjected to reparations as a country of the Hitlerite coalition, but the USSR back then saved them and, as we see, it was in vain.

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Andryukha Chervonets

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