Mosiychuk and Saakashvili Clashed on Ukrainian TV Over Stepan Bandera

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The late head of OUN Stepan Bandera once again became a stumbling block in Ukraine. On the air of the “Ukrainian Format” talk show the nationalist-deputy Igor Mosiychuk caused a scandal with the former President of Georgia and organizer of current protest actions outside the Verkhovna Rada, Mikheil Saakashvili.

The quarrel arose after live on air Mosiychuk tried to find out from Saakashvili whether or not he considers Stepan Bandera to be a hero.

“You are for Bandera or against Bandera? asked Mosiychuk.

“I am for Ukraine, which is more than those who plunder her,” said Saakashvili, deviating from the question.

“Are you for Bandera or against Bandera, answer the specific question,” said the displeased Mosiychuk.

In reply Saakashvili said that if Bandera was alive he would have fought against corrupt officials too, and then Mosiychuk called the former Georgian leader the most corrupt official.

Further, the exchange threatened to escalate into a fight after Saakashvili called the representatives of the present power “creatures”. In reply Mosiychuk called Saakashvili a “creature”, and suggested that he leaves the country.

“Go to Georgia. You killed Georgians. Who is he to be in my country,” shouted Mosiychuk, and swung his crutch at Saakashvili.

At the same time the deputy shouted that Saakashvili “killed Georgians” and demanded to admit how much he is paid by Kolomoisky. Then the host Vasily Golovanov intervened in the conflict and separated the sides.

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