The Mother of God Cradles All the Children of the World, Without Exception

By Angelina Siard

Look at this picture.

And now imagine that this is YOUR child who is lying on the zinc table of the morgue before being laid to rest. Just don’t avert your gaze, don’t tell yourself, “Thank God it’s not my child”, and that I am protected from such things in my “European democratic country”. Overpower your immediate rejection of just the idea that it could happen also to you. Immerse yourself with every fiber of your being in this condition. And maybe then you will understand what this means… You will feel that the very meaning of your life blew away like a hurricane into the irrevocable abyss. You will realize that you will never hear: “Mummy, I run to school, see you tonight!”, and you will be obliged to agree that there will not be “tonight”, but there will only be an eternal night of despair. That you will not squeeze towards your heart this little part of you that was yesterday still alive, and that there will not be no one to tell “I love you so so much”.

It is in this way that the mothers and fathers of the children of Libya, Syria, and Ukraine feel – of children killed by a stray shell in the name of capitalist “democracy” throughout the world.

But the most terrible thing is when you realize that no one in this world didn’t even notice your grief, it will rather become a taboo in the mainstream media, and those who took away from you the most precious thing in your life will simply call you and your children “terrorists” for wanting to continue to speak your native language, and will legalize genocide, as it happened in Ukraine.

June 1st was International Day for Protection of Children, and the unbroken Donbass remembered their little angels killed not only by the Kiev junta, but also by the silence of those who divided the children of the world into “right” and “wrong”, into those who should be mourned and those who are not worth it, forgetting that we are all connected in this world, that today’s “correct” child may become tomorrow’s “wrong” one at the behest of imperialist “democracy”. And there’s no “wrong” children…

But nevertheless, the winner’s garland of cynicism and hypocrisy on this day belongs to the Ukrainian authorities, which staged a “breakfast prayer” for PEACE in Ukraine, while at this time having previously killed more than 100 children in the South-East of their country.

On the day of protection of children, the shelling of Donbass by the Ukrainian army not only did not stop, despite the official truce, but also reached the apogee in its blasphemy — the Armed Forces of the Kiev junta fired at the burning lanterns released into the sky by those who came to honor the memory of those killed at the hands of the punishers of the little angels. On the same day a 14-year-old girl in the controlled by UAF Andreevka was raped and brutally murdered.

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On International Children’s Day, the children of Paris, London, Berlin, and Washington, from where the desire came to plunder the fertile Ukraine and turn it into a springboard for a color revolution in Russia, serenely breathed the same natural-to-them air of tranquility and peace. So why would their mums and dads working in State media remember some children in Donbass, but who were killed by those whom they so zealously supported and continue to do so? The fact itself of the absence of any information about Donbass on French television is very revealing especially when you have a finger in the pie. That’s why the Ukrainian Army and its bloody dad Poroshenko continues to feel very comfortable in the role of “liberator” of Ukraine from “terrorists”.

It is from there also the unbridled arrogance of Ukrainian soldiers, sending their children especially dedicated to this day a “Hello” video from the frontline, from where they shoot at the residential areas of Donbass, killing peaceful civilians and children. The video is called “Daddy’s protecting you!”, where they almost with tears in their eyes tell their children how they love them and miss them, and do not disdain to add that “everything we do here we do for you. I think we will ensure that you live under a peaceful sky”

Some may think that the level of “brainwashed” in these warriors achieved by 3 years of indoctrination about “Russian aggression” and national “patriotism” does not allow them to realize that they commit a crime. In reality, their subconscious knows very well that they will never wash off the innocent blood spilled, that the red line was crossed and that “God marks a sinner”… That’s why the stronger the truth about what was done breaks through to the surface of their consciousness, the stronger the need becomes to strangle it in the bud at all costs and to hide it from themselves. And the stronger the surge of “patriotism” becomes, the more the cries of “Glory to Ukraine! Glory To Heroes!” become stronger, the fierier the speech about “Russian aggression” becomes, the marches of embroidery become more “beautiful”, the more strident the “Ukrainian language” becomes, the more forbidden everything Russian becomes, the more majestic the heroes of OUN-UPA become, and the more imposing the rejection of the Soviet/Communist past and its heroes becomes.

If the ENEMY really existed, there would be no need to so persistently insist on its existence.

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If Ukrainian identity existed beyond its Russian roots and Soviet past, there would be no need to dress up in embroidery and aggressively shout loudly “Ukraine above all!”. After all, the Scots in kilts don’t shout all over Scotland that they are Scottish, and the French do not argue with foam at the mouth that Voltaire is their philosopher, like the mad brainwashed do from feelings of inferiority, looking for Ukrainian roots at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids. When you are great, you don’t need to advertise it.

When you are strong, you have no need to humiliate or to kill in order to impose self-love.

But this apogee of erected-into-a-dogma “patriotism” already clearly suggests that the resistance of clouded-by-propaganda consciousness cedes place to the all-knowing subconscious, that the culmination is on the way. These people know that they kill children, they know that the way they have disgraced Ukraine in front of the whole world, even with its tacit consent, already no one will ever be able to disgrace her even more.

And that the crime cries out for punishment. And that they have to live with this. While after all, we first of all live with ourselves. To be able to do this, it’s essential for them to assure themselves that they are right, that all methods are good for great Ukraine, as once it was for great Germany. Otherwise, it is an explosion of the brain. Or self-loathing, when dreams continue to be in Russian. That’s why when I read the comments of brainwashed trolls who swoop like dung flies on their incriminating posts, I know in-advance that their sole purpose is to one more time persuade not us, but themselves in their “truth”.

But the instinct of self-preservation is not only limited to a physical aspect. Our salvation in the human sense implies the preservation of those moral values that humanity has established over the millennia of its existence in the form of a kind of universal code. The level of its integration into the subconscious of an individual varies depending on the environment, but even the most inveterate representative of any society is the bearer of these moral values for a very simple reason — they were rewarded for their birth with their mother’s love, and if not her’s, then other people’s, otherwise their existence up to adulthood would be virtually impossible. This “knowledge” of love and its loss, even in its minimal expression defines the limits of what is permitted and not and the associated with it actions in the future.

I.e. the subconscious will always know that its owner violated the universal human code, “thou shalt not kill”, and with all forces will rush to the surface in order to let them know about it. And no matter who you are at this time — a Ukrainian army officer, a brainwashed patriot, soldiers at the frontline, a valiant volunteer, presstitute journalist, an ambitious Deputy of the Rada, an ardent nationalist from Right Sector, or a housewife, who dragged stones on Maidan and who sends a bulletproof vests to the ATO — each of you in your own way murdered children, women, and elderly people in Donbass. And that there is no forgiveness for you. Your instinct of self-preservation will enter into a brutal struggle with the subconscious in order to avoid the disintegration of the psyche. And then we will again hear the most frantic cries of “Glory to Ukraine, death to the enemy!”, but already it is the last gasp. And the moment will come when the human that is left in you will inevitably punish you. It will be different for everyone.

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Some will never allow a breakthrough of the subconscious on the conscious level, and it will flutter between heaven and earth somewhere in the Ukrainian Diaspora of Canada for the rest of their days. And don’t believe that all of the Nazi henchmen who escaped to America after World War II lived a happy life to 90 years of age. All these years, they lived under an invisible barrel of a gun, like Bandera in Munich, cooking in his own juice and in fear of vengeance. And sometimes saving a bullet turned out to be a real liberation from themselves. And I’m not even talking about somatic diseases, when the black soul throws out to the surface of the body the things that cannot be expressed with words.

Only repentance is able to maintain the approximate shape of a wholesome life. The crime cries out for punishment to first of all start the process of internal rehabilitation of the individual at the psychological level. It’s no wonder that those who have served their time for crimes in the second world war were able with less difficulty to integrate into the society that punished them than those who remained in hiding from the law.

Ukraine for sure needs to submerge in sh*t up to the throat so that the desire for purification finally arrives at last, and in order for the imparted-to-it-from-outside brainwashed consciousness to make a U-turn and to remember that the mother of God cradles in her hands, without exception, all the children of the world.

The photo is of Sasha Smirnov (2011-2015), who died at the hands of the Ukrainian punishers with his father during the attack.

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