Mother of Perished UAF Soldier’s Message to Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


“Eurovision” took place on the anniversary of the Ilovaisk tragedy, and mothers of the UAF fighters who were lost there are disgusted by the combination of commemorative events and “dancing in Kiev”. Also, the mothers declared that the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine doesn’t recognize the dead military personnel who died in the war. The correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) reports about this from the place of events.

Elena, mother of a Ukrainian soldier who died on the Eastern front, told the FAN that the authorities completely distanced themselves from helping the relatives of the dead. The problem is mainly connected with the so-called voluntary battalions, where Ukrainian nationalists and fighters are concentrated, which Kiev now refuses to consider as military personnel.

“My husband and I in 2014 were bringing to our son in his unit some food, clothes, and even bullet-proof vests, because there, there was nothing. And instead of gratitude the police arrested us for these vests once and tried to fine us. Can you imagine? Our guys don’t have anything at the front, we bring there food and bullet-proof vests, and we are punished for this! But the most important thing is that the current authorities abandoned our children – stating to us that our children didn’t die in the war, they didn’t fight. Therefore, we are not owed any military pensions for the dead,” reported the woman.

Galina, mother of her thirty-year-old son Pavel who was lost in Ilovaisk, stated that the Kiev authorities defiantly ignore the demands of the relatives of the thousands of Ukrainians who died in the civil war in Donbass.

“Poroshenko staged ‘Eurovision’ on the anniversary of the tragedy, he spat on our children then, at that time in 2014, and now the same, three years later. My son Pavel, with the call sign ‘Dudaev’, was in a column that was leaving a cauldron, about which that side [Novorossiya army – ed] knew everything. Here is a list of all soldiers and officers, it was published on the website ‘Novorossiya’, all the data on our guys is present there, and it is all real. This list was hand over to the rebels by commanders of the National Guard, and nobody was answerable for it. And now they say to us that our guys perished by themselves, and not during the war, no payments, no pensions, no memory,” said the indignant mother of the Ukrainian who died on the Eastern front .

Thus Galina stated that she doesn’t want a new Maidan and the forceful overthrow of Petro Poroshenko.

“Let that bastard keep his promises, let him give the status to the relatives of the dead, let him pay all benefits. He promised to finish the war, he promised that the soldiers will receive 1000 hryvnias a day on the Eastern front – where is all of this?” asked Galina to the correspondent the FAN.

Another woman, who was at the commemorative event in the uniform of a UAF officer, said that she is in a camp near Poroshenko’s administration for the second week, and she won’t leave the camp until the administration keeps all the promises that officials made when Ukrainians were sent to the Eastern front.

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As a reminder, on Mikhailovskaya Square a memorial service took place for those who died in the anti-terrorist operation – dated for the anniversary of the Ilovaisk tragedy and Mother’s Day. In the framework of the action, against the background of stands with photos of Ukrainians who died in the civil war, a memorial service under the leadership of a priest from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church took place.

Earlier the speaker of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Maksim Pauta reported that to date, since the beginning of anti-terrorist operation 197,426 servicemen and employees of the UAF received the status of participants of military operations. According to State service for veterans of war and participants of the anti-terrorist operation, 290,621 persons received such a status in total. Thus, more than 155 million hryvnias of renumeration were paid to Ukrainian military personnel. Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation 1,439,000,000 hryvnias were paid to families of the military personnel who died during military operations. 1,020,000,000 more hryvnias were received by participants of the anti-terrorist operation in the form of financial support in connection with wounds and disability. Whether these numbers are consistent with the statements of the relatives of the dead remains unclear.

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