Mothers of Perished UAF Soldiers Held an Anti-War Demonstration in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the capital of Ukraine a commemorative event took place, during which demands to stop the war in the East of the country were unexpectedly heard, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN) from the place of events.

Officially the action was called “Ilovaisk – 2014: time does NOT heal”, and it was devoted to the anniversary of the defeat of the UAF expeditionary corps of the Armed Forces. Representatives of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Association of Wives and Mothers of Soldiers Participating in the ATO”, and also members of the paramilitary nationalist formations took part in the event.

“I am the mother of Dima Zherdochkin. He was killed in Shirokino on a tripwire. He left behind two children, the youngest has only just turned eight. Tell me please, who needs this damned war? Who will answer us, mothers, wives, sisters, children, who want to see their father, and not to come to a grave with flowers. Children shouldn’t ask: What? I will never see my father again? Who will answer us? Who will look into our eyes? When our sons perished, we were promised so much. Now we aren’t needed by anybody,” declared a mother of one of the dead from the platform.

Another woman said that the government from the relatives of the perished military personnel of the UAF and demands a reimbursement of the not fully paid taxes that at the beginning of war they promised not to take, and thus lured volunteers into the ranks of the UAF.

“My mother never talks about her problem, and the problem is serious. My mother is of retirement age, even being a pensioner she works, and according to law taxes weren’t taken from her, as with (other) working pensioners. And then, three years later, 2014 is already far away, the officials changed their mind and now a bill was issued for 20,000 [Hryvnia – ed], which she will have to pay. And that’s why mothers need help, mothers don’t ask, mothers cry, they are at home with pain in their heart, near monuments to their sons,” said the woman.

One more woman very emotionally shouted into the microphone:

“It is necessary to stop this war. To stop it! I want to bring together all people who are against this war, and to bring the government to the negotiation table. To solve the problem there is need for words, and not tanks!”

The action took place against a display board featuring photos of the perished fighters. Citizens walking around the area examined the faces of the killed military personnel with curiosity, some brought flowers to the display board.

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It should be noted that in the Ukrainian media this action was presented as anti-Russian, and the words of mothers about the need to end of war weren’t quoted on any of the TV channels, that’s why there Ukrainians can judge real events only according to the reports of independent media.

It is noteworthy that officially Kiev recognizes the deaths near Ilovaisk of only 366 servicemen, but independent observers say that the authorities didn’t include in the death toll nearly 1,000 so-called volunteers.

The exposition on Mikhaylovskaya Square is only on show between August 28th-29th – these are the days when the Ilovaisk defeat happened.

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