“Mothers for Poroshenko’s Impeachment” Stage Protest in Kiev

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The participants of the protest declared that they will stand until the president of Ukraine resigns.

In Kiev at the building of the Administration of the President of Ukraine a meeting took place of the movement “Mothers for Poroshenko’s Impeachment”. The women chained themselves using handcuffs to the gate of the entrance to the building of the Presidential Administration. They demanded the dismissal of Petro Poroshenko and to finish the war in Donbass. Mothers who lost their children in the combat zone assure that military operations will not end until the Ukrainian leader leaves his post.

The head of the movement, the member of the committee of soldiers’ mothers Nataliya Don, considers that “the authorities and the head of the SBU Grytsak see in us a hand of Moscow, they always try blame all problems on the Kremlin’s hand. But we have a popular protest and we will stand until Poroshenko resigns”.

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