“Motor Sich” Advisor: Ukrainian Helicopters Are Not Needed Even in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The adviser to the president of the joint stock company “Motor Sich” Ivan Bozhkov stated at a press conference in Kiev that the signing of a contract with France for the delivery of helicopters discredits the Ukrainian aviation industry.

“Our opponents spoke in such a way that they discredited our aviation industry in general and the Motor Sich enterprise in particular. Our position and attitude towards this agreement has been repeatedly sent to heads of all levels, and we don’t hide that we are already driven thus not only out of the world markets, but also out of the domestic one. The first myth – they convinced the public that Motor Sich isn’t capable of making enough helicopters. It is planned to conclude with the French a contract for the delivery of three types of helicopters, and the credit for this will total, according to our calculations, €700-800 million. These are helicopters of the same year of manufacture as the helicopters produced by us. They were designed 30, 40, even 50 years ago. And we have almost created helicopter production from scratch in 7 years. A helicopter plant with equipment and a world-class machine-building park equipped according to European standards and norms was constructed in a new area.

We created a design bureau, we opened a department at the Kharkov aviation institute where they train experts using our money. We created a workshop for the repair of reducing gears, we bought an American line and equipment for several tens of millions of dollars. And today we are preparing to explore the development of helicopter and tail rotors for all types of helicopters that are used in Ukraine, including our army,” he said.

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