The Murder of Oles Buzina: Ukrainian Nazis Stormed the Court in Kiev and Tried to Disrupt Proceedings

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On February 9th a court hearing on the case of the murder of the writer Oles Buzina took place in Kiev, where two former ATO fighters and members of the far-right C14 group act as defendants. The hall was filled by representatives of Nazi organisations headed by the people’s deputies Andrey Biletsky, Andrey Ilyenko, and Oksana Korchinskaya.

The lawyer of the defendants Andrey Fedur demanded the self-withdrawal of the collegium of judges. “You aren’t a competent enough jury to consider this case. During the pronunciation of the indictment the right to a jury was explained to my clients Andrey Medvedko and Denis Polishchuk”.

According to him, the defendants demanded that the case be considered with the participation of jurors. Therefore, Fedur suggested to the judges to withdraw themselves and to begin the procedure of forming a jury.

The other lawyers Medvedko and Polishchuka supported Fedur’s position. The nazis and lawyers consider that the court isn’t competent enough to give life imprisonment without jurors.

It should be noted that on the territory of Ukraine a jury hasn’t been used in general since 1920 and exists only on paper, so Fedur & Co’s demand aims to disrupt proceedings.

The lawyer of the dissatisfied party Zakharov emphasised that at this stage the formation of a jury is impossible, and therefore it is necessary to continue proceedings with the current board of judges that are in charge.

The court left for the deliberation room to prepare the answer to defendants and their lawyers. After some time the the judges declared that they reject the challenge against the composition of the panel. 

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